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No more

I am not going to watch Liverpool with a certain fan anymore. It’s too scary. I’m not going to subject myself to such frightening experiences anymore.

Lazy and Soccer

Gehh. Liverpool lost at home to Chelsea. Can’t believe it. I confess I nearly fell asleep because I was so tired. And it wasn’t a good match. Sigh. I dunno what else is there to say. Everyone’s in bad moods, and I’m still sleepy. Grrrr.

And i found out that Arts pple have 36 Unrestricted electives (UEs)! WHATTTTT that’s like 12 free and easy courses that they can take!!! GRRRRRR spoiled for choice. Lucky pple. :( I only have 9. And I planned to use them all for Jap. And that means I can only take until Jap Lvl 3, which is still not good enough to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) if I want to go to Japan. :( Booooooohoo.

Oh sigh. I dun feel like going for Davide’s class tonite. Can I call in sick! Gah.