Of the best week for a long time


Just a summary of the best week I have had in the longest time!

Saturday: Ok so we argued, but it all ended up fine and dandy with Chih-yang helping us ease our dispute. And after 6 years, a decision was made that made us go one step towards a future together! Seriously if you asked me to marry you now, I’d say yes!! (If you had the money and a job. Haha)

Sunday: Oh man, where to start! My favourite boyband of all time? <3 <3 LIVE?! With one of my bestest pals in the world??? Gosh another dream come true. I'm such a fangirl!!

Monday: 6 years!!! Milestone marking! And to shop around with you, eating dinner with you.. Needless to say it’s blissful and I’m blessed :)

Tuesday: Ok the only :( of the week, when I find out that my HDD buangs. Yay. Can’t open it.

Wednseday: Party with the animators! Ok so I cheated for my social experiment by reminding Yifang about my birthday. Yifang is the birhtday party organiser so, I tell her = I tell the whole animation faculty. Barbecue with everyone is fun! Lifted my spirits again!

Thursday: I’m 23! I get to go home for once this week and have dinner with my whole family again (except the Sister-in-law). Odelia and Asher were extremely adorable and sweet, so yet again I was in bliss! Ended the day with seeing you, so it’s like the perfect birthday even though I had to do FYP in the day. Heh.

Friday: A day littered with you. Excellent end to the week! Plus I get to play L4D2 and let you laugh at my horrible gaming skills. Haha.

Thanks for all those who care! And now, almost nothing could faze me!

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