Of shuffling your lovers…


I find writing this article very very difficult. I guess it’s because while I enjoyed the show, I do not really agree with the methods and it’s philosophy. Well, after 4 drafts and 2 days…

Love Shuffle. 4 couples who are dissatisfied with their relationships, take part in an experiment to try partnering each other’s partner, to test the strength of their relationship, or to find what they want in true love.

Usami Kei (Tamaki Hiroshi) is a section director of a company, and his fiance has just postponed the wedding. Upon returning to his apartment block, there are three others in the lift. The four, are tenants of the penthouse apartments. On the way up, the lift stalls, and the four of them introduce each other and discuss their relationship problems with each other to pass the time. The psychologist suggests a social experiment in which the four of them swap partners to find what they want in love, and in relationships. They call it Love shuffle.

Usami, is extremely against it, obviously, because he thinks that his sweetheart and himself are meant for each other, but his fiance, Mai, wants to give it a try to get a break from Usami.

The others from the penthouse apartments are:
Sera Ojiro (Matsuda Shota) – A photographer, specialising in women’s photography. Partner – Reiko, a married woman who has hidden agenda coming into the love shuffle.
Aizawa Airu (Karina) – A translator. Partner – a boyfriend who’s bordering stalker status
Kikuta Masato – A Psychologist who has a hidden secret. Partner – Kairi, a suicidal 19-year-old artist.

For three weeks, they date the others. In the process, the four penthouse occupants grow closer and build a friendship to understand life, relationships, and human interactions better.

Ok let’s go on to rant about the bits that I don’t like. Firstly, I do not advocate shuffling partners at all. Personally, this is probably because I would never want to let my boyfriend go out with another girl. I wonder how they can all tahan it if they were seriously dating. Maybe they are all right with it since they want something out of this love shuffle other than a relationship. Only Usami seemed the most normal, hoping that this would strengthen his relationship. The others, are like nonchalant about their relationships, so I guess that’s why they seem not to care about taking part in the social experiment as well.

But I like it, because it is nice to see that these characters, however flawed they are, or how evil, or morally wrong they may seem, there is another side to them that makes you empathise with them.

It’s a funny show as well. It’s a comedy, after all. But it’s a journey of finding themselves, so that is nice. As for story wise.. Well, it’s not very story driven. No twists here and there. There was a few attempts for a twist but they were really predictable.

Acting-wise, the cast works really nicely as well. No problems there.

I think the main draw is definitely the character interaction. Because the characters are all so different, it’s fun to see how the different pairings will turn out.

Rating: 3.5/5
Not too bad. It’s funny. That saved the show.

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