Of Wine, Anybody?


Kami no Shizuku. Bear with me for another review on yet another drama that casts Kamenashi Kazuya. I’m not a huge fan of him, but it just so happens I like to watch shows based on casts. ha.

Anyway, I originally wasn’t too keen on catching this series, because it’s about wine. I’m no drinker of wine, so I thought I wouldn’t appreciate it. Moreover, the overall viewership percentage for the show is really really low (less than 10%) so I was convinced it was probably a bad show. However, this series almost had a clean sweep of the Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix awards, so I thought, why not?

And I wasn’t disappointed at all. It is a serious drama, so those expecting comedy, can just close this and move on to others. It’s not a romance either, but it’s about wine and the meaning of life. I can safely say that not a lot of people will like this show because it’s quite boring.

Kanzaki Yutaka is a celebrated wine critic that passed away, and leaves behind a wine collection worth $2b. Kanzaki Shizuku and Tomine Issei are two sons competing in a test of their wine abilities to earn the inheritance. Each episode starts of with criticisms about wine and the feeling one gets from the wine. Basically, the characters have to use the descriptions of the wines mentioned, and find the wine and vintage to solve the puzzle. Throughout the 9 episodes, they realise that Yutaka is leaving behind a hidden message behind the wines that relates to life’s journey, and his true feelings towards the two of them .

It’s quite technical and sian if you can’t be bothered to sit through 9 episodes of CSI:Wine. I like it partly because you get to learn that you shouldn’t just gulp down wine without truly savoring the taste of the wine. It also tells you that each vintage is also different, so you shouldn’t just anyhow drink it without appreciating the hard work put in that year.

It doesn’t just apply to wine. I think it also applies to whatever you do/eat/drink. Quality of life comes from that, enjoying the little things in life and enjoying the food. The fact that the characters also think about who they eat with is important, is probably why I like it too. This is also something that we should all really appreciate when we are with the person we love.

Most of all, this show tells you to groom your abilities to the best. In the beginning, Kanzaki Shizuku was so adamant about not drinking wine nor touching it at all, because of a stupid grudge he held against his father. But his inert ability to distinguish wines could not be expressed until he started to love wine solely because of wine.

A semi-feel good show, and a great series. However, I would only recommend to those who are willing to sit through not tasting the wine yourself, or following closely with all the French terms.

Rating: 4/5
Worth watching!

Category: Jdrama
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