Of being the perfect girl?

the Show is Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge


Hmm. 4 Handsome guys in a boarding house, with a girl disillusioned by rejection, you have another ridiculous high school rom com. Only, the premise of the whole situation is quite silly. Sunako was rejected by a guy in her early teens, being told that she was ugly. Hurt, she turns into a recluse who hates brightness (and “bright” or beautiful creatures/people). The owner of the boarding house is her aunt, and out of the concern to make Sunako into a lady, she tells the four boys to turn Sunako into a lady in return for free rental. Although reluctant, they all try to do so, mainly Takano who is absolutely broke. Needless to say he will probably fall for Sunako the way she is (Horrors).

Why horrors? Sunako basically is quite occult. She likes skulls, darkness, sleeps in a coffin, decks her room with candles and watches horror films to calm herself down. She also wears a cape. Why!?!?

No doubt, the ridiculousness of this situation is created by the Manga, therefore it’s a bit out of this world to have a girl drastically change due to such a simple remark on her looks. And it’s also stupid to have her have super strength and the ability to control darkness.

Oh ya. The opening sequence is stupid also. They all dance to the opening theme song? I dun think it fits the feel of the rom com at all. The song tries to act all cool, and the four guys are like hosts, while she is dressed in a cape and hovering. It’s so… cheesy beyond cheesy.

The only thing that I find is nice out of this story so far is that the ultimate message is that beauty should not be skin deep, but encompasses many aspects. For example, one’s character. One can be ugly by having an “ugly” characteristic of being selfish.

Otherwise, the story’s quite bland and predictable. Even the funny bits are… blah. Nothing really interesting or worth seeing. Perhaps the kakkoii-ness of Kamenashi Kazuya (of KAT-TUN).

Rating: 3/5
Give it a miss unless you’re damn bored.

Category: Jdrama
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