Of a short haircut

I just cut my hair.

People who know me would know that I sported various hair styles when since I was young. Up until I was 7, I had the typical young kid hair, with a straight fringe and long hair. When I was 7, I was enrolled in a strict Chinese school, which meant that I had to chop off my locks to just under my ears. After that “horrifying” experience of cutting my hair, I decided to keep it long for Secondary school for a couple of years before I decided it was too much of a hassle and chopped it off for a more edgy short look. Once I decided to even dye it purple just for fun.

And so on and so forth. I just alternated between long and short hair, just for the hell of it. I never really kept my hair past the medium length, until I got married and decided to keep it really long for the wedding.

I think I’m not really that attached to my hair. It’s just another form of expression of myself, like clothes. I can chop it off, or I can grow it out, I really don’t care. It just depends on whether I wish to have a change of a look. So which is why I don’t understand why people call me brave. The lady in the salon yesterday said to me, as I cut my hair, “You’re so brave, I could never cut my hair short.” Well, then don’t. It’s your hair. You want long hair, and you like long hair, so keep it. Someone close to me asked if I could bear to part with my hair that I took so long to grow out. Well, yes, I’ll cut my nails if i took 10 months to grow to a nice length to shape but decided it’s impractical. Same thing, my long hair is a burden to me now, so yes, I can bear to part with my hair. Nothing symbolic about it.

Please don’t call me brave. Brave is when you really have grown so attached to your hair that cutting it will make you cry, but you decide to do it anyway because you will change someone’s life by cutting it. Bravery is also not daring to cut short and defy the common ideals of feminine beauty (long hair). Lots of celebrities have already done that to prove that short hair is chic.

I’m not cutting my hair for anyone but me.

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