Of Rings of Fire

Hooboy What a weekend.

It’s been a while since Dada and I went on a date proper; we have hardly enough time to meet every week. This weekend is different as he took leave yesterday and didn’t work today. So It seemed  like a proper weekend for us though It’s a Friday and Saturday. 

After we had our marriage counseling, someone went all grumpy because we had to travel around by public transportation. Firstly it is time consuming, secondly, unpredictable and  thirdly, it is uncomfortable and inconvenient.  We had little time together so I suppose he didn’t want to waste so much time on peripherals.

Anyway we travelled all the way to orchard, and discovered the Jewellery store Where we bought My engagement ring didn’t have nice wedding rings so we had to go all the way to Jem at jurong east time visit Venus tears,  a new Japanese Jewellery store with the designs that we both liked. But bloody hell it was late already and we were definitely Not interested in spending another hour fighting with the going home crowd all the way to jurong. So we pushed it to today.

So that brings us to today. Learning from our lesson yesterday, we took the car, travelled back to Forum Galleria Where we were yesterday, to eat the ramen that we didn’t eat yesterday. We didn’t eat yesterday because the time we were there at orchard was more suited for tea time and who the hell eats ramen for tea? So the first thing on date agenda, ramen, was achieved. Thankfully we went Early too, as carpark lots are difficult to get after 12.

Next stop, jem. With the car, it took us 20 minutes to travel halfway across the island, a trip which could easily take an hour plus by train from town. Thank God for private transport.

We did get the rings we both loved!! I partially wished I Got My solitaire from here, as their designs are beautiful, and you can’t go wrong with japanese designs. But the store  only just opened, and one can’t be too greedy right?

Halfway through making the purchase with Venus Tears, the fire alarm went off. Now, Jem had a case of a fire going off in NTUC xtra just two days ago. So we joked that there was another fire in the building. The salesgirls also looked unfazed and gave us this look saying “No worries, probably a drill” in My mind I thought Ya la, probably fire drill or someone accidentally set it off.

But it didn’t stop ringing!!  And soon after, the recording changed from “The fire alarm has been activated. Please wait for further instructions as we investigate the matter” to “there has been an emergency in the building. All occupants should evacuated the building immediately ”

well. We still carried on with our purchase. After all, No smell, No panic No nothing was happening outside. After we made the purchase we just hung around the mall and everyone was also looking puzzled. Eventually we.decided to be obedient and  made our way out. That’s when we smelt the smoke and saw it. We thought, could it be xtra again? Or some cookhouse on fire? 

Didn’t look too serious though so we went back in. But this time it seemed more serious. The concierge was frantically making calls and stores were shutting their doors and the security was shuttling people back outside, refusing to let us go to our cars.

People whipped out their phones to get photos of the ensuing crowds, who were all really calm, and Dada was trying to fish for information from cna

With No access to the car, most of the shoppers headed to Jcube to wait it out and listen out for news. After another hour or two, we headed back and went to pick up the car

On our way, we saw SCDF personnel heading out of the carparks. And then we saw a corner of the carpark cordoned off. emAnd it was close to Where we parked. /em

In My mind and he thought out loud, cham liao, was it our car????

We hurried over and saw a Nissan blackened from the fire .  emGood. Not our car. We drive a Toyota.  /emWah But it looked a wreck and the car next to it looked affected too. Camera crew, photographer and police and the whole bunch were there all assessing the situation.

And 6 car lots away. Was. Our. Car.

We almost parked in the lot next to the Nissan. It was nearer the shops entrance and was an open lot when we arrived. The usual Dada would have said, there is nearer, better, let’s park there. Somehow, today he went with, emAiyah, Got parking lot can liao. /emThat thought protected My car. And I’m super grateful that God gave wee pin this change of heart.  Otherwise the car would have been charred!!!

Thank God. Really.

From now on, when I wear My wedding ring, I will have stories to tell My kids and grandkids about this. Thus is the story of the rings of fire.

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