Of needing a life.

Today I woke up at 8am in a jolt. I had a nightmare that I wasn’t performing up to standard at work and it was due to nothing else but laziness.

I had gotten slack with my talent maintenance. I had gotten lazy with my animating. I had stopped drawing completely.

I need to pick it up. I need a life. I need to STOP playing stupid useless facebook games that do nothing for my brain.

Step one: Go to church, repent and pray
Step two: Hear the sermon is about Jehovah Jireh
Step three: Pray for surrendering so that God will take over and provide
Step four: downloaded ipad app to animate on the go.
Step five (VERY IMPT): Used ipad app.

I think I’m on my way. We’ll track my progress for next week. Yay. I’m pumped.

Category: Rants
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