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It seems that a lot of people who have just started, or are interested in starting, to watch Jdramas always approach me, asking, “What shows do you recommend?” When that happens, I usually have to wrack my brain for the thousands of hours I put in watching all these shows since my University days, to sieve out appropriate dramas, according to their preference of genres. Sometimes I look back on my blog and click the “Jdrama” filter, but not all that I love have been reviewed. So I will still turn back to DramaWiki, spend much time looking through and recalling the shows again. :\

So I decided to set up this post to remind myself of all the good shows I have watched (up till I started work in Ubisoft and found little time to watch).

DISCLAIMER: Firstly, I do not claim to watch all Jdramas. Secondly, I, like many people, have preferences in genres. (I love high school rom coms, drama, sports, crime, romance) I don’t watch period dramas. Thus, don’t take my list to be the comprehensive list of GOOD japanese shows to watch. Thirdly there are other good shows I have not watched yet, but I know are good. I will not include them in this list until I verify for myself that it’s good, and into which list they go into.

So basically, this post is for you, who is a “noob” at Japanese Dramas, but want to start somewhere. As an jdrama fan, I don’t want you to start out on a crappy jdrama (yes there are some crappy ones) and then throw out jdrama as a stupid fad of the 90s. But I hope you will enjoy these shows as much as I did, and spread the love of jdramas.

Crime and suspense:
- Galileo
- Bloody Monday
- Control ~ Hanzai Shinri Sousa
- BOSS 2
- Tokyo Dogs
- LIAR GAME (entire series)
- Ryusei no Kizuna
- Maou

High School:
- Hana Yori Dango (Japanese version please)
- Hanazakari no kimitachi e
- Gokusen 1,2
- Waterboys (First Season)
- Great Teacher Onizuka
- Nobuta Wo Produce
- Nodame Cantabile

- WaterBoys (First Season)
- Buzzer Beat
- Engine




- Last Friends
- Orange Days
- Buzzer Beat
- First Love
- LIAR GAME (entire series)
- Ryusei no Kizuna
- Freeter, ie o Kau

- Hero
- Hana Kimi
- Hana Yori Dango
- Water Boys
- Great Teacher Onizuka


- Tatta Hitotsu no Koi
- Hana Kimi
- Hana Yori Dango
- Densha Otoko

Others that I felt are good but should be watched only if you have the time:
Bambino!; Hungry!; Ninkyo Helper; Kami no Shizuku; Byakuyako; Innocent Love; Hotaru no Hikari; BECK; Mr. Brain


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