Of Bunnies, Candy and Rock n Roll


Hop was nice! In a brainless kind of way! If you liked Alvin and the Chipmunks you’ll like this. Even u didn’t, well, maybe you won’t like the idea of CG Rabbits haha. But I must say this time round they integrated the rabbit quite nicely.

E.B. is really really cute. Furry and fluffy and CUTE. I want a talking rabbit that poops jellybeans.

The music, was AWESOME. They had Dynamite, The Anthem by Good Charlotte and a really awesome remix of I want Candy. Explains the website http://www.iwantcandy.com.

My only peeve was that I think the movie theatre didn’t screen it at the right aspect ratio or dimensions! Their ears and their heads kept getting cut off. unless the movie director screwed up really bad, I almost wanted to kick someone at the Cathay. I felt very uncomfortable not being able to see it all, so I don’t care, when the DVD comes out I’m getting it. So that I can see E.B’s cute fluffy yet solid ears being animated.

I want candy!

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