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In accordance of celebrating our upcoming zodiac year, Wee Pin and I have been watching way too many youtubes of rabbits, and have been convinced that we love them. And me being unsatisfied with just watching them on the screen, I begged him to bring me to see them at the pet farms.

And so to the pet farm we went. Just like kids again, we went on a little excursion! Except we didn’t really know where to go. We went to the Ericsson Pet farm first since that was Google’s first choice. However, we were greeted with a wave of intense doggyness. The smell was really overpowering! It was almost like a doggy slum; the facility looked quite bare, and run down, and the dogs were many in the open facility. The ones in the cages looked so sad and were rather lethargic. It was actually quite painful to watch.

They didn’t have small animals either so that was quite disappointing. Don’t trust Google. Haha.

We went to the neighbouring dog farms where the dogs looked livelier and had better welfare I think. They looked healthier and were definitely more responsive. It hurt me that I couldn’t really touch or play with them as I will break out in a terrible rash :(

Undeterred with my quest to search for a pet farm with rabbits, Wee Pin brought me to the Animal Resort which is at Seletar Farmway 5. It proved fruitful! There were tons of rabbits and many unusual creatures that u wouldn’t expect to be considered pets… Like a vulture, peacocks… And a Horse and Goat. It was really much nicer! It really felt like a place where animals would feel happy. The rabbits were soooooooo gosh darned cute! I was really really happy to have seen them.

I would like to go back again :)

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