Of Tangled up again!

Watching Tangled and being enthralled by the Disney magic once again only goes to show how great this film is. I just love it!! The music, the acting, the beauty of the sceneries…

And as we watched, Odelia reacted marvelously to the film! She laughed when the horse Maximus and the Chameleon Pascal fulfilled the roles of the funny sidekicks, quivered and squealed when evil loomed, smiled and delightfully be awed at the beautiful princess…. Watching her made me so inspired and proud to be part of the industry that make many other children of her age believe in a world of fairy tales, and to teach them of good and evil.. The innocent delight and entertainment is something that i hope to instill, and to make characters that they believe are real.

Sigh. I’m so happy and proud to be an animator! I want to achieve that kind of animation some day… I have a dream…

Category: Animation, Family
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