Of Grilled Cheesus

Glee this week is sure to have hit a lot of raw nerves, given the sensitive topic of this episode! They touch on the religious and spirituality and the sensitivity in approaching the subjects as teens in a multi-religious society that is the US. It’s a heavy topic, and something I totally did not expect for this show to do, after all, they thrive on being quirky and being outcasts.

Anyway. Ryan Murphy still stays true to his quirkiness in this by being cheesy about the title in every way possible, no pun intended.

Seriously. Finn coming up with that whole grilled cheesus thing to spoof Jesus, that’s so. Duh. Makes his character even more and more goofy. In a way it’s good. At least he’s not the everyman that you expect. But really. Do you see Jesus?
Finn still can’t sing. Puck can, and he’s hot. I don’t care if he’s a Jew. He’s talented!

I like how they incorporated this whole religion issue to build characters. In a way you can see how all of them approach their beliefs, and in their own way try to reach out to Kurt, whose father was suffering from a heart attack and was comatose. It also serves as an example to us to be sensitive to each others beliefs, and not force them down each others throats. I think we have much to learn from this kids, even if it was a script. And ultimately, it had a nice ending where Kurt’s friends who are mostly Christians and Jews are there for him even when he put them down for believing in something he believes is a fairy tale, but he, who’s atheist, still accepts the help and concerns of his friends, drawing on them for strength. After all, it’s a show to make you feel that friends and family are the one thing that is important in getting through thick and thin.

The whole episode’s done very delicately and the very convincing acting of Chris Colfer really draws me to his character. Makes you believe he’s real.

That said, I think that it was a really theoretical situation, and I think that people can be even more sensitive and less tolerable when it comes to religious discussions in real life. Even Sue Sylvester took a seat on the fence for once. So… I’ll say just take it and go.

The songs were very meaningful and added to the story, much much better than the Britney one. So thumbs up for this one.

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