Of being a Gleek

Glee is taking the world by storm! And it’s no wonder. The characters are (mostly) lovable, and the songs are great! Somehow the script is also pretty awesome, for American TV. Storyline-wise, it’s decent, but not fantastic. It’s pretty much a high school story line. Kids are awkward, they try to fit in. They find a place they are comfortable. They are happy. They become cool in their own way. Whoopee.

Very feel good show.

Well anyway. I think several of their characters deserve credit for their ingenuity. Namely, Sue Sylvester for her dry wit and antagonistic hatred for the Glee club, Santana for her bitchiness that doesn’t fail to impress me, Brittany for her Stupidly (brilliant) one-liners, and Kurt for his awesome diva-ness. Sad to say, the lead guy in the teens, Finn, doesn’t impress me. Not with his non-existent good looks, nor his fishy singing. Rachel is good though. She can sing really well, and her character is so annoying you can’t help but hate her. What to do, when she’s really that way in real life.

That said, I think the real star of the latest episode “Brittany/Britney” was obviously Brittany. At times I couldn’t even tell if it was the real Britney. Her singing leaves much to be desired, but her dancing is so hot! Plus her deadpan looks to her lines, are just killer. LOVE it.

Rachel did NOT shine in this one. Her rendition of Hit Me Baby One More time, was like when Charlotte Church tried to sing Pop music. She’s not as versatile as she thinks. Surprisingly, she is quite hot. But short. But anyway. Moving on.

I want to see more of Mike Chang in this season. He’s really cute and hot, but he should stop moving around so much. It’s quite distracting. Artie should sing more! He’s got a nice voice.

And they should stop giving Rachel so much air time. AUGH.

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