Of the holidays

The holidays is always a chance for anyone to catch up on things they have been putting aside for many many weeks/months/years.

For one, I met up with my BFFs Elise and Christina. You know, sometimes I still can’t believe our friendship has lasted this long, since we were little kids in Primary 4, we’ve come a long way, though we still are pretty much the same (looks wise and the do-re-mi height or Christina’s curfew..) We had a good time playing games at the Hangout. Elise is really good at the games. She’s really competitive, but that makes it fun! Man I want to try more games. Let’s go back there again~

Another one is to watch Glee, House and Flashforward. It’s been eons since I watched Flashforward. When they returned to air, it was in the midst of the rushing period, so I didn’t watch much. Nor House, which I’m waiting to have the time to watch with Weepin. Glee, was something I have been putting away to watch for the longest time. I didn’t dare start in the midst of FYP, because I have a tendency of drama-marathoning. I was glad I didn’t start either, as I feel the series is so good! The music and dancing and their voices are fantastic. Totally reminded me of acappella days, when we used our voices to make the music we loved, singing and practising like our lives depended on it. Sue’s great. I love this show. Makes me feel very.. gay. In the good way.

That’s how Hsu, sees it!

Flashforward isn’t the best of all dramas, I know. But I just wish to see this through. I wonder if there will be a second season. I doubt it, really. It’s not as good as the other dramas which have better character development and better scripts. It’s really a pity, because I think the premise of the story had such potential, but the script did not do justice to the show.

There’s a clarification I have to make. All of these shows, I watch them on my computer. I haven’t watched the television much since my sister moved it, except at Weepin’s. This isn’t a surprise since all we ever watch on TV is Disney or Nickelodean Kids or CNA. This is what happens when your father or niece/nephew hijacks and hogs the telly. I had no idea what channel numbers my ex-favourite programes are on now, and didn’t even know we had Animax until today. I just sat on the armchair and channel flipped for the first time in a while. I felt like the last time I really sat down to watch the one eyed monster was in secondary school when I was still watching Gensomaden Saiyuki or CSI on AXN.

The last thing which I had been putting aside to do since I stayed in hall was to pack up this room. I moved in to my brother’s room when I was Year 2 I think. I was still staying in hall, so I didn’t have the full force of my belongings in one location. After coming back, it’s a necessary to move all of my brother’s junk out of this place. He’s got his own house now so he has no excuse for leaving them in my room. MY ROOM IS NOT A DUMPING GROUND FOR UNWANTED THINGS IN THIS BL**DY HOUSE. I’ve really had it with being chucked aside. I’m making this place liveable.

Ok. Back to packing. Bye.

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