Of Real (vs Fake) Clothes

Real Clothes

Rozz (from the Shan and Rozz show on 98.7fm) put it simply. Girls dress up to compete with other girls. I completely agree.

In this show, Real Clothes is not referring to the fact that most of the clothes are branded stuff and not imitation goods. But the fact that the customers and characters in the show make the clothes their own to reflect their character. I think it is pretty true that people dress to reveal their character and their tastes in life.

But towards the end, I got a little affected by the show’s constant bombardment of consumerism. Slowly I felt like I was dressing up each day to go to school. In a way it built up my confidence as a girl.

But why do clothes affect you so! Gosh darn it.


Back to the show. It’s an ugly duckling kind of story. That’s all there is to it. Her character is pretty but her dress sense not. So she learns life and love through the clothing/design world. It’s quite a nice show, but beware the inundation of superficiality.

Rating: 3.5/5
Storyline is so-so. Clothes are inspiring though.

Category: Jdrama, Shows
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