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Of a new motivation

It’s been a while since I put up a post. Lots of things happened.

I went through a quarter life crisis, wrestled with God over my future, quit Ubisoft, joined Singapore Poly, stopped watching anime, stopped reading manga, started reading proper English novels again, started watching Netflix, bought a new PS4 to play Just Dance, and horrors of horrors, started playing Candy crush.

For so long I have been telling myself I need to do some work I need to have some output, but I always start a new animation and never finish it.

Now I decided need to quit the lifestyle of absorbing and learning and put it to use. I’m going to start on 1 year journey to produce 1 animation a week. short ones. They need not be long. It’s just a challenge I want to tell myself to keep in the game. It’s just 1 a week!

I will start this week and I’m going to start small. Nothing ambitious, but I hope I can sustain this. I am blogging this in a hope to revive my motivation and keep myself accountable. Accountable to no one, but myself.

Watch this space this weekend. I will keep it to updates on Sunday Evenings as much as possible. Cheers!