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Of a Countdown

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Of the beginning of planning!

It has begun, the official planning for the Big Day! It’s terribly frightening yet exciting at the same time. There’s a lot to be done in the meantime before we say the “I Do”s, and I sure hope I don’t become a bridezilla!

I hope I’m not pressurizing Dada either :) Excitinnngggg

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Of A New Chapter!

Not a new chapter of mine, but of my dearest! Congratulations Dada on graduating with honours!! :) So so proud of you for not just surviving the difficult course of Pharmacy, but also doing so well!

Now he’s starting work, our relationship will have to survive another test of change. We can do this. Jiayou~

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Of a happy girl

I have the best boyfriend in the world, someone who knows how to make me happy! :)

He knew what I like and surprised me with another chance to go USS with him! Yay!!

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Of free animal viewings

In accordance of celebrating our upcoming zodiac year, Wee Pin and I have been watching way too many youtubes of rabbits, and have been convinced that we love them. And me being unsatisfied with just watching them on the screen, I begged him to bring me to see them at the pet farms.

And so to the pet farm we went. Just like kids again, we went on a little excursion! Except we didn’t really know where to go. We went to the Ericsson Pet farm first since that was Google’s first choice. However, we were greeted with a wave of intense doggyness. The smell was really overpowering! It was almost like a doggy slum; the facility looked quite bare, and run down, and the dogs were many in the open facility. The ones in the cages looked so sad and were rather lethargic. It was actually quite painful to watch.

They didn’t have small animals either so that was quite disappointing. Don’t trust Google. Haha.

We went to the neighbouring dog farms where the dogs looked livelier and had better welfare I think. They looked healthier and were definitely more responsive. It hurt me that I couldn’t really touch or play with them as I will break out in a terrible rash :(

Undeterred with my quest to search for a pet farm with rabbits, Wee Pin brought me to the Animal Resort which is at Seletar Farmway 5. It proved fruitful! There were tons of rabbits and many unusual creatures that u wouldn’t expect to be considered pets… Like a vulture, peacocks… And a Horse and Goat. It was really much nicer! It really felt like a place where animals would feel happy. The rabbits were soooooooo gosh darned cute! I was really really happy to have seen them.

I would like to go back again :)

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Of birthday weeks

Last week was a week of birthdays, starting with Weepin’s on Sunday.

I surprised him on Friday by bringing him a self-baked cake. I really wanted to do something special for him this year’s birthday. For the past 6 years, the only times we had celebrated his birthday was prob in our first year. All the rest we were either arguing and not talking, or we had broken up. And it were all my fault because I was young, immature and very petty.

This year was to be different! I wanted to make it up to him, and because he deserves so much better. Unfortunately, Money wasn’t in my favour this year, so I had to do something else. Been thinking about it all year and I decided that baking a cake would be nice. I am very bad with secrets because I hate bottling things up, so I ALMOST leaked to him the surprise. Thankfully, he hadn’t a clue and was pleasantly surprised. I am sooo happy that I managed to cheer him up too! Mostly probably because he was studying so hard for his exams that he didn’t notice the signs. But good la! Something to take off his mind from exams and just be happy since it’s his special day, ya?


Well that wasn’t the day itself. Does that count as myself being the first to wish him happy birthday?

Well anyway, I think he had fun with all his friends in pharmacy wishing him happy birthday in the PS room on the day of his birthday :) I wasn’t there but I’m so glad to know that he has such good friends who make him feel special too :D

And on the day itself, we went out for pancakes, and then went for the BMW show in the Marina Bay Sands resort. It was quite a rainy day and almost ruined the plans but we did enjoy the time we had together. It is quite difficult to spend time together nowadays, as he is so busy studying for his exams and I only have the nights to be free on weekdays. Nonetheless, we had a great time just being with each other, and not caring about everything else, doing things that we like.

On Wednesday, my family celebrated my father’s and Bryan’s (my bro in law) birthday. Our families went to the revolving restaurant at Prima Tower. It was quite an experience! This was my first time at a revolving restaurant. The floor moved very minimally but you could see it move. The view is really really nice, as it is located near the port, so you could see the containers being transported. There was a really beautiful view of Sentosa, Mount Faber and the cbd and what have you. The food left much to be desired, but the view, and the experience was something novel. Thank God for my mom for being so resourceful in finding the offer that the restaurant had. Haha.

Happy birthday to My cousin as well. Yay. and that concludes the birthdays that were within the past week.

Good night.

Of knowing now…

Yes! If I Knew Then will be their next single. I really like this song! Because I can totally identify with it. It made me cry during the period when I was not talking to Wee Pin and I had found out about her. It just described my plight but I could do nothing and just hope.

Reminders of the past keep me loving you more.

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Of safety nets and parachutes…

Don’t believe the things you tell yourself so late at night and
You are your own worst enemy
You’ll never win the fight
Just hold on to me
I’ll hold on to you

It’s you and me up against the world
It’s you and me….(Love)

I don’t need a parachute
Baby, if I’ve got you
Baby, if I’ve got you
I don’t need a parachute
You’re gonna catch me
You’re gonna catch if I fall
Down, down, down

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Of melee.. not a weapon.

‘Cause this is real, and this is good.
It warms the inside just like it should,
but most of all it’s built to last.

‘Cause you are the sun in my universe,
considered the best when we’ve felt the worst
and most of all, most of all, most of all, most of all,
most of all, most of all it’s built to last.


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Of encouraging faith

The faith in His provision. It encourages me.

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