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Of people watching

Explaining how easy it is to draw girls to my boyfriend…

Step 1: draw side profile of yourself.
Step 2: allow him to scribble as well.
Step 3: mistake his scribbles as demon horns on your profile.
Step 4: awkwardly realise he was trying to draw cat ears….

Step 5: draw in whiskers.


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Of My Dream Job

Yes, sometimes I look at my work and I think I’m the luckiest girl alive. To be working on a game that I myself am a fan of, (It’s f**king Assassin’s Creed 3) and being surrounded by talented, creative and fun colleagues. I still think I’m in a dream.

My awesome colleagues and the wonderful animation team.

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Of terrible internet connectivity

Here I am, at home, using my awesome new Samsung s3 to publish this post. Why? Because we just changed our internet service to the optic fibre.

But the thing is, somehow my room cannot get the connection at all!!!

Get optic fibre internet they said. It will be high speed internet like never before they said.

Yea. Internet like NEVER.

Btw this phone is awesome. But almost immediately I got an sms which implied I was a kidnapper. I wonder who the joker previously owned this number that I am temporarily using until they port Iverson my number from M1…


Of A Poorly drawn…

I tried to illustrate something to my friend Denise, but my office computer does not have photoshop installed, and neither do I have my wacom here. So I resorted to drawing free-mouse. Can you guess what it is?

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Of Rilakkuma

My finger puppet, Rilakkuma, which resides on my studio desk, is an absolute slut. He has let in so many fingers up his *doot* and they make him squirm.

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Of Jealousyyy

Somebody I know is DAMN happy because he managed to get his new SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 a month early. I thought I’d wait to get it with him, but oh well. He got his first. I have to wait for pay day first and for the contract to expire. Thankfully those two events occur on the same day. Hooray.

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Of L4D2 and my boyfriend…

Steam summer sale was over and by buying L4D2, Wee Pin logged in to his steam account once more.

It’s like he rediscovered his calling as a boy again. And I allowed that can of worms to open. What have I done?!

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Of Taskisland on 93.8fm

I was really really angry with myself yesterday. I remembered Bryan telling us that he would be on the radio for an interview on his newest venture,, this week. I knew it was near my mother’s birthday +/-1 day, so I tuned in the day before at 10am. Turns out it wasn’t that day. But I had completely forgotten about it the day after mom’s birthday. It was only when I saw the photos of the TaskIsland Crew at Caldecott Hill that I realised I missed the radio interview completely.

I was SO angry at myself for forgetting.

And then I thought about whether they would have it online for me to listen at my own convenience.

And then I got angry with myself for that thought, because I realise with the Internet now, everyone has the luxury of watching movies, listening to replays of things online. No one turns up for things like important lectures or screenings, because it will be “Available Online”. Few would inconvenience themselves for things that really matter to them. It just made me sad.

Then I got angry and embarrassed at myself because that’s what I tell myself when I wake up late on Sundays and skip church entirely, saying that I will watch the sermon online. I only kept that promise once.

If I were having a performance and it would be on TV, I know my parents would go out of their way to watch it, or record it. Even now. Even with the luxuries. Our generation has no idea how lucky we are, but we are too selfish to care.

I’m sorry Bryan. It’s not that it wasn’t important. I.. I’m.. sorry.

TaskIsland is found here.

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Of stupid smartphones

Today I was reminded of how blackberry phone batteries only last a day and half max.

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Of money issues

I was wondering.. Everyone always says it’s such a taboo to mention salary in interviews or resumes.

But everyone knows that’s the real reason people look for a job (we have bills to pay) or look for a person to fit in their company (we need to pay someone to get this done, are you the most value for money?). It’s simple economics.

Yet when people ask me to do freelance, the first thing they ask for is my price without telling me their scope, and so I don’t have a chance to negotiate when they think I’m too pricey.

I think people should wear price tags so that people can glance at the price tags and stop wasting everybody’s time with interviews and discussions.


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