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Of Ben 10: Shots

Worked on the animation of all characters except:
Time 01:28-01:46 – Additional animation on Ben only.

All images copyright of Cartoon Network.

Of some old drawings..

Of room renders


Because I’m bored, I decided to put up some lighting homework here. First one was done with photons. The second was done purely with spotlights and one directional light.

Of CV Downloads

My CV can be downloaded here.

Of finally updating my demoreel

Demoreel 2010. Before I beef it up with Christopher. Any comments are welcome

Of getting serious

It’s time to be serious about things again. It’s almost February and I haven’t started out on my applications for my masters degree nor for my jobs. I really want to kick myself for fretting all holidays but not getting down to doing anything about it! *kick* Thankfully dada has made his decision about certain things, that helped push me to make mine.

I’ve always wanted to go further my studies, but I think what held me back was the worry of handling a long-distance relationship as Singapore does not offer any MFA or MA in Animation. I was always thinking to myself, if we couldn’t handle not being in the same school for these 2 years, how could we survive not being in the same country?

After this whole issue, I have come to trust him more and be more secure that he’s the one. God willing, no matter how far apart we are, we’ll be strong throughout the time that I am away.

All that aside, I need to convince my parents that I can handle being alone in the UK. The only universities that offer what I want to study are in the UK. Disappointing! I thought that USA would have Masters in animation, but not really.. There probably is, but most of the forums seem to recommend UK universities. And I dun really feel very safe going to USA.

But the other drawback is that it is DAMN costly to study in UK. I wonder if my parents have enough money to send me there. :( Worse comes to worst, I will just work in Singapore until we can earn enough to escape this country.

Alright. Time to work on my portfolio.

Of Test animation

YAY finally after so many months of non-animating, I finally worked.. for… 4 hours..

And this is what I have so far.

Of …

completed work! after almost a week… i should have taken less time for it.. a total of 8 hours? perhaps?
for jael

Of part two


Of my first so called freelance work.

Jael is officially my first client! :P

I didn’t charge her originally coz she’s my friend (and neighbour from hall :) ) but she was nice and gave me a bit of payment :D

Anyway, It’s what I like to do so I wouldn’t mind doing this for free. I LOVE portraiting pple in cute ways (as much as i can and in the best of my abilities). The first time I did it was for my sister’s wedding… i portraited my sister and Bro in law for their wedding ceremony’s programme. Then I did for my mom’s colleagues for her farewell… and then again for my class (or part of it… for my own pleasure…) and then there were the choir chibis…..

class chibis:

I really should make this part of my portfolio… or part of my free lance work. I should earn some cash from this. haha.

anyway here’s the first draft. I’m kinda ok about it. Considering I’m using photoshop to draw this, I think it’s a pretty good attempt so far :D