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Of Going back in time!!!

Today I felt like I wanted to listen to old familiar tunes. And Christina Aguilera came to mind.

But before I could do anything, Cai lixian was one step ahead and reminded me of 5ive. So we bombarded each other with 5ive songs from youtube.

And then we started squealing like teenage girls and because 16-year-olds again. Bubblegum pop for the win!!

And then I finally listened to Christina Aguilera.

Christina Aguilera is so hot. So much more talented and hotter than Britney in my opinion. Woohoo.

—- edit —-

I continued to find the old songs, and surprised myself by how much I remember about all these old songs. ahhh

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Of Somebody..?

Please don’t be somebody that I used to know, 10 years from now.

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Of an inspiration from my youth

I love this group since we were 14, young and impressionable, and aspiring to be a great a cappella group… We had dreams.

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Of my latest Earworm

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Of Forever and Always.

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Of A tisket A tasket

RGS choir performed last night at the Esplanade with their performance Limelight 2011. By some stroke of luck (or God’s planning) I discovered their performance on sistic and got Kelly, Chee and myself tickets to nostalgia.

But nostalgia was not what I found. Actually, nostalgia is dangerous; it traps you and removes the focus on the performance. So I tried to push it aside. And boy I’m glad I did just that. The girls were absolutely captivating from song one.

The student conductor wowed me with her confidence and the moment the choir opened their mouths, I half expected them to screech at some point. But no! Their high notes were hit with such ease and power, the dynamics were flawless, and the canon, though a little messy, was harmonious. I was in awe.

And when Ms Loo took over, there was no doubt how they got their Gold with Honours this year. They were simply magnificent. I have not heard a choir this good since.. I don’t know? Perhaps AC choir at my time. I tried to find a flaw to justify that my batch was better, but Ms Loo simply had outdone herself this time. She maintained the sound of RGS, and better. They sounded nice and bright, not too young and not too old, yet mature; they were brimming with confidence, the tone was perfect, and they sounded together with no split notes. The layering was great, the expressions of the music and the emotions you get from it was captivating. you know how sometimes when someone hits the note wrong or something cringeworthy happens? I did not get it at all, surprisingly. My hair did not stand at all, which is a good thing by the way.

The second half failed to excite me though. Our tradition of sectional items and acappella groups, and one final fun medley item gave way to acappella groups and yearly items. They weren’t executed as well, but since when have our acappella groups really shone? They sound good as a choir but individually they lacked a power solo.

That aside, I’m proud of them! They sang beautifully, and I can see why RGS choir girls are sought after in JCs. The sound they produce is beautiful. I can only wish and hope we really sounded like that in our time.

Really proud of Ms Loo! She even was surprised we came. She called us ancient seniors who she did not expect! T.T Her daughter, whom we adored when she was 5 is now in the choir! That long ago! In fact Ms Loo remembered our name tag colour and squealed that the Secondary 4s have the same colour already! 8 years! Hell it doesn’t feel that long. She also didn’t look like she aged.

It was a fun night. Too bad there weren’t a singing of the school song nor an encore prepared. :) I miss singing with RG choir, and VIP.

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Of nostalgia..

I miss a cappella…

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Of NKOTBSB’s latest single! *Hot*

Just released on Monday (US Time), this is the first child of the collaborations between the veterans of the music industry! New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys’ Don’t Turn Out the Lights.

I like! I hope I won’t have to identify with the lyrics in the future..

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Remember Nick Pitera? The dude who gave you… This:

Well, turns out that he’s a graduate from RINGLING with a BFA in Animation! AND! HE’S IN PIXARRRRRRRR!!!! His thesis work! Shit this guy is awesome. What am I doing?!?