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Of ROOKIES Sotsugyo

Finally! Subbed version is up. Watch watch!!! It’s inspiring as usual! If you are feeling down about being unable to achieve a dream, this show is for you. A dream fuels a team’s determination to climb higher against all the odds.

So sad! it’s finally over with the movie… It’s like CLOSURE.

Of Liar Game 2


I just finished watching Liar Game 1 and 2. This is one HECK of a series. If you started on Liar Game 1, you’d probably be disatisfied with the ending, because, Liar Game 2 has to follow otherwise the show doesn’t feel complete.

What is this show about? It is about a game in which people have to lie to each other in order to win, as the name suggests. The participants in the game are each loaned 100million yen. At the end of the round, they are expected to return the money. However, they are allowed to lie and use all means in order to gain the 100 million yen from the other participants, and that money earned will be their prize.

What happens is that this game is just a sick game for the rich who just wants to play with the minds of the poor, by giving them the chance to earn so much money, they want to see how people would lie, cheat and steal to get there.

So what happens is that this really naive and honest girl, Kanzaki Nao (Toda Erika), who believes in the good of everyone participates in this game. But because she’s so naive, she gets bullied and loses the 100m yen in the game. So she enlists the help of Akiyama Shin’ichi (Matsuda Shota), a genius ex-swindler to help her swindle her money back. Throughout Liar Game 1, it is evident that Nao just wants to help everyone get out of their debts, and use the prize money not for herself but to save the participants from falling into further debt, thereby saving them from the menace of Liar Game.

I thought that the game is brilliant as it really deals with the psychology of the human mind, and it is brilliant how the psychology student Akiyama is able to use his skills to manipulate the others. At times i feel very mind screwed as I really don’t know whether I should believe that they are winning when they aren’t, or they are losing when they seem to be winning. I just feel my heart stop sometimes.

Liar Game 2 introduces more games which have loopholes in them for Akiyama to manipulate. It is a thoroughly enjoyable show to watch as it teaches me how gambling is not just a game of chance but it can also be quite a game of wit too. I can’t wait for the final round which will be shown on the big screen.

For acting, Matsuda is great in acting all sinister and cool. Toda Erika is surprisingly good at acting the innocent and sweet girl here. The other characters are a bit extreme in their colourfulness but all in all because the show is already so absurd, you can take it for granted that they could be real.

Highly recommend this show
Rating: 4/5

Of Kiseki (miracles)

Tomorrow, I’ll love you more than today.
いつまでも君の横で 笑っていたくて
I want to be by your side, forever smiling.

This is from ROOKIES

Of more dramaing

Last week’s episode of Flashforward finally pushed some story forward. Heh heh! It’s is definitely better this time around, at least somethings happen. The week before things were just not moving at all. Also this week, there are more questions: Who is Lloyd Simcoe? What’s his role in the whole flashforward? Is he good? Is he bad? And Dominic Monaghan is extremely good as some sinister antagonist. He looks menacingly crazed.

Now the severity of the situation is emphasized more, which I think is a better motivation for the characters now to really investigate the event. I hope that the writers do more to pique our interests as the audience as to the complexity of the politics and sciences involving this event. Yay.

I have finished Ninkyo Helper. It was. Not fantastic, nor was it bad. It was a pleasant watch. Nothing motivated me to watch it more than just to finish what I had started. The acting was good. But I think what struck me the most was the lack of a story and the lack of depth in the characters. It’s very stereotypical. Ultimately the whole point of the story was to increase awareness in the Japanese public about early onset of dementia, and to take care of their elderly instead of just dumping them in homes.

Rating: 3/5 – Won’t be missed much.


Currently watching Buzzer Beat, along with Tokyo Dogs, JIN and Waterboys (YES DAMN OLD).

Just caught the first episode. It stars quite a few big names, Yamapi being the main draw. The more I look at him, the more I can’t reconcile that this is the same man who did Nobuta a few eyars back. He has lost a significant amount of weight, and he looks super buff, his face so sunken… At times I really cannot recognise him at all.

Anyway. This show is about Naoki (Yamapi) who is part of a pro basketball team, but cannot deliver under pressure. He wishes to marry his current girlfriend, Natsuki, who behind his back isn’t as perfect as she seems. A new girl, a violinist (Riko), drops into his life somehow, and they begin to fall in love. Simple premise as usual.

Naoki is endearing because he is so imperfect. He suffers from a lack of self-confidence due to his inability to perform under stress. Yet he still wants to improve and become a stronger man. In a way he’s very fragile. I think that that’s where Riko comes in. She’s just as fragile as he is. What I think is that the writers probably made them so similar so that they can have a common ground to work a relationship from. Natsuki on the other hand, appears as if she will support him forever, but she seems to be very unsatisfied from what Naoki can provide. What I cannot comprehend so far is why she still bothers to keep up the act to stay with him if she thinks he cannot offer her anything. Well. We’ll see at the end of the week :)


Please watch Tokyo Dogs for Bishie goodness. So far Ep one is out on

I love you all. Watch out for more.

Of jdrama finally having decent openings!

I’ve always been thinking why are the openings for all the jdramas so cheesy or simple. but. but but. FINALLY. One that has decent effort put in it! Needless to say that the hot guys (Shun and Hiro) Spice up the opening MUCH MUCH MORE.

The show is Tokyo Dogs, btw

WHICH btw has ratings of 18.7 for both eps so far. which is FREAKING HIGH. woohoo!

Of Ninkyo Helper

I’m watching Ninkyo Helper now. It’s not bad! Yakuza with a soft side to them. Very idealistic… But hey it appeals to the general audience right? I bet the real yakuza are feeling very insulted that the Jap media depict them as some softies. Haha.

Basically this story plot is like this. The Yakuza lord of a certain triad has died. Then a whole bunch of Yakuza Leaders-in-contention are dumped into an old folks home as helpers, and the are supposed to pass some test to see who is the best contender for the leadership post. And to make things worse for them, some lady who owns a franchise of homes is trying to buy over the rights of the home they work in, and try to change their working style to her ideals. How’s that going to work? Interesting. Let’s see where this goes :)

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Of Junon and going back to ogle the boys…

JUNON! my fave magazine from JApan. A magazine with only one rule. ONLY IKEMEN (cute boys) ALLOWED!

And i’m lucky enough to get the edition with the free calendar :D <3<3<3

From there, I found the Shiseido commercials for Fog Bar, Starring Oguri Shun, Eita, Miura Haruma and Tsumabuki Satoshi! :D:D OMG all my four bishis!

It's hilarious. SHU! SHU!
Basically saying that Wax is the past and now is the time for HAIRSPRAY! Eita's hilarious love him!

Other bishis!
Mizushima Hiro and Shun are going to be in Tokyo Dogs! Gotta catch taht show!
Haruma in Samurai High School! OMg i’m going aboslutely NUTS

Of Majo Saiban

It was an anti-climatic ending. Basically the whole show was a cat and mouse game trying to screw up with the audience’s mind. In the end, I still don’t know the allegiance of the team that threatened the lay judges. The twists in each episode were so unnecessary and amount to nothing at the end of the entire show. Basically, the plot blew up a storm in a teacup.

Terrible show. Don’t watch.

2/5 Not recommended.

Of Bloody Monday

I’m lazy to really sum up my feelings. I chionged the show for like 2-3days?

It’s a good show. It’s got an engaging plot, with lots of red herrings here and there. Not too cheesy or forced like Maou, but neat enough to keep the story intact. The boys are WOW and the girls are WHOA! so it’s good for eye candy as well.

Scarily enough, it’s pretty relevant to what’s happening in the world, though not necessarily true. You have scary highly infectious viruses that are plotted and anti viruses schemed to be sent around, terrorists, and nuclear weapons. What more can I say?

Mise en Scene… Was so sculpted, But if you put the fakeness aside you can sort of believe it’s real. It’s a good show, very emo and sad too.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Worth a watch.


ROOKIES is a JDrama, Sports drama. The sport? Baseball. It’s a very good show, fueled with the common formula = bunch of misfits who are talented but want to play their favourite sport baseball, put in a teacher who’s clueless but overly optimistic and fully supportive of the students no matter what, and there you have it.
The actors for the roles were pretty good, although as usual Shirota Yuu was stiff as ever (but he’s cool so who cares huh). The fights were rather brutal, but I suppose that’s how guys fight huh. Their bsaeball was not really a focus so I suppose that’s good if you want to attract the non-baseball followers. It would be nice if they did it the PoT way with one of the characters serving to explain all the terminology.

Each character was unique in their own way, but of course in the manga world, they all have to wear their uniforms and hair differently, albeit a bit too wackily. :D I like how each character clearly played their roles to move the story forward, which isn’t easy given such a large cast (11! including the manager, 12.) The guys are hot, and although there’s not a lot of girls, the girl is cute.

I would say it is pretty much not censored for language, and semi-nudity, so that’s kinda weird. Oh well.

Very good show, highly recommended. It’s a feel good show, and very inspiring too.

The SP on the other hand, there was a lot more to be desired. It was basically 2 hours of just summarising the entire series, with just about 5-10 mins of new footage. that was pissifying. I want to watch the movie. I hope it comes to SG.

Rating: 4/5. Highly Recommended

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