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Of the inspiration that is Jeremy Lin

I’m not a fan of basketball, but I’ve learnt a few things from watching this:

  1. God has a great plan for you, Just love God with all your heart and soul and He will honour you as you honour Him
  2. Your boss/coach/audience is always Jesus Himself, and if He is pleased, that is the greatest reward. In the long run, your place is in Heaven :)
  3. Even if it is perceived by most men to be the best position/place/job, that may not be where God wants you to be. And He will open the door for the right place for you to be in. You may not see it today, but God is more concerned with the process you go through, the right people you meet, and what you can do at that place to honour Him. If Lin didn’t go to the Knicks, but the team he wanted to be in, he might not have had the chance to shine.
  4. No matter how disadvantaged you seem to be (Lin is not tall, and he’s Asian), God will magnify your advantages. (He’s very agile, fast and intelligent)

And for Lin to step out and glorify God in this way, he truly is bold in Christ and is an inspiration! I really don’t think I could do it!

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Of picking up the pieces of my life

God, what are the three most important things in my life that you want me to surrender to you?

That was the question that Pastor Goetz told us to ask ourselves this Sunday. The most important things in our lives are the things that we obviously cant live without. These are the hardest things to surrender to God. That is because, surrendering to God means that those things that you hold dearest to you are not yours, but Gods, and if he were to take them away from you suddenly, He could, and there is nothing that you can do about it.

Absolutely nothing.

2 years ago, I understood what that meant, when I lost you. Thats when I realized you were so important to me That I really could not do without you. For the first time in my life I actually felt so lot and helpless. I knew I had taken you for granted and thats why you parted. Only when I surrendered the relationship to God, could I find peace amidst the loss. Only when I surrendered it to God did I learn to treasure you more, at the same time, because I know now we live on borrowed time, and our relationship is meant to honor God, as He is the one who granted us the chance to be together like this now.

That was one thing that I had to surrender to God.

The other, I thought and prayed there at my seat in the sanctuary, was my family.

When was the last time, I thought, that I actually told my parents and showed them that I love them? Ive been pretty disobedient, by not sleeping early and coming home late. Time and time again I tell myself that needs to be changed. But when I do, I run straight to my room, and I shut myself onto the computer. BAD GIRL.

But today, I unwittingly did something different. I was tired from kickboxing and stayed downstairs rather than climb the stairs to my room. Odelia came over and wanted to play with me, and this time I made it an effort to really try to connect with her, even teaching her sudoku. I enjoyed it thoroughly! I missed her growing up, and I need to make up for the lost time. These 3 weeks, I told myself, I really have to babysit her and spend more time with her. Shes so near me everyday, and yet, I dont really know my own niece. Horrible, arent i!

And becausei was downstairs, I ate my supper while chatting with mom. I spent a good couple hours just having a heart to heart talk. Im a really horrible horrible daughter, that I should delight and blog about it, when it should really be a normal, everyday thing. I took for granted her presence everyday, and I worry her every night by coming home so late. I really shouldnt.

I feel so blessed to have my parents and my family with me. It really is so hard to surrender this blessing to God. I really dont know what I would do without them. I would feel so much remorse for not treasuring the time I have with them.

Whats the third thing?

My talents, I would suppose. Without the chance and ability to showcase my talent, I would feel so empty, and purposeless. My one pride is my multiple talents, and if God we to take them away from me, I would feel insecure and lousy. Wouldnt you?

But I still think that its easier to surrender that, than my family, or you. And I really really want to make my limited time count, by spending more time with my loved ones that God has blessed me with.

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Of the power of prayer

Mom asked me on Thursday, “How real is God to Wee Pin?”

She got her answer that night. I got the answer too. He is very real.

He was just telling me about how he desired to get hall for the next semester but didn’t apply so he wouldn’t get it. And I just casually said (to encourage him), let’s pray about it. It was a short and simple prayer. But not more than 2 hours later he told me he was actually offered a place in hall!

I don’t know what’s more amazing, the fact that it’s difficult to get hall even when u apply since it’s over subscribed, or that if you never even apply at all, there’s no chance you’ll even get it! My prayer buddy exclaimed, “Isn’t it wonderful that the Lord prepares what we need even before we know we need them?” Amen to that.

He’s real.

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Of what it really is all about.

It’s all about You, Jesus.

All about You.

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Of wanting to be with You

Bob Fitts was at Trinity@Paya Lebar yesterday and on Saturday to minister and share of God’s wonderful grace to him. And I really was so touched by his sharing.

Recently I have been reconnecting with Jesus and both my brother-in-law and my brother have been my guides especially when it comes to questioning where Jesus is in the church. The books I am reading challenged me to ask myself how often I hear about Jesus in the church? And if I know that Jesus was there during the service?

I knew He was yesterday.

I cried twice as I reached out to Him while being ministered to. Fitts’ songs spoke of his love for Jesus. He shared how wonderful Jesus was. Every time he spoke about Jesus, it was as if he were talking about his wife like that. That’s how real I felt Jesus was to him. I was so moved that Jesus could be so real and tangible to someone that I was so guilty I could forget that He is a real person who is always with me like my boyfriend, not some floaty ideal that’s in my head.

How real He is! And how wonderful He is!

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Of 4 years of life-long lessons.

So many things I want to thank the Lord for, where on earth to start?

First and foremost, I want to thank God for my dearest boyfriend, who through these 4 years of university life, bore all my nonsense, growing up phases, workaholic tendencies and deadline stresses, emotions, hall crap and insecurities. He has given me someone I could trust and depend on to cheer me up, find myself, and learn about people. *hugs*

Next, I want to thank God for granting me my BFA in Animation. This was not an easy road. Much of my blog entries for the past years epitomised my struggles in finding myself, my talents, and my confidence. Four years ago, I was an innocent and naive Science student plunging herself into this new course called Animation to challenge herself to do something different. Not knowing what I really wanted from this course, I sort of just went through the system as how our Singaporean education system expects us to. So I just trudged along, until I woke up my idea along the way, through the interactions of the many friends I made here (whom I am extremely blessed to be in the same batch with), realising what I was good at and what I wanted to be. Not only that, there were a lot of struggles that I faced, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. So I really am glad that by His grace, I managed to survive these 4 years.

I need to thank the Lord for also granting me my second upper, finally. Since year 1, my GPA had never gone above 4. In fact, it still isn’t. But the Lord has answered my prayers, so specifically. I asked for my second upper, and He granted it, with a final GPA of 4.00 – the minimum mark. I probably don’t deserve it, but now, I am eligible to apply for my Masters programme overseas. PTL!

I thank God for my family… My family, I definitely need to thank them, especially my brother. He was the one who encouraged me to study something that was more my cup of tea, something that I enjoyed doing, ie design or animation. My mom, my inspiration, who helped me findd out about this programme. My dad, who constantly encouraged and supported my cause despite him hating animation to the core. My sis, who constantly badgered my parents to let me be at times when I needed them to leave me be.

There’s just so much more that I can give thanks for. His love is really so abundant. Keep your feet on the rock, your eyes on the cross, and love Him dearly.

Of praises, and other things

I went back to my old church on Sunday. It was a very prodigal daughter moment for me. I have hardly felt so loved before. Well I guess that happens when you disappear for a while and everyone notices. It was rather nostalgic, yet not quite the same. Why? Because the people are (mostly) the same old few, though many have left, but the building is the newly built church. It’s very pretty, that’s for sure. Praying that the church will have a revival soon :) Sorry, RCC, but I have moved on. I’m pretty sure that that’s what God wants from me, in order for me to grow spiritually.

In other news…
So many times I have heard all the testimonies of others who are challenged to write down an amount for the faith promise which they usually cannot afford off-hand. But by faith, they put it down, and God will provide. I always envied them, to be able to have their faith challenged and strengthened.

Until, this month, I believe that the provision came. I don’t have a job, and it’s not often that a friend would offer you money for a job. It’s double the amount I put for the faith promise too, so God blessed me in a way too! Praise God! I really thank God for that! I almost couldn’t believe it.

But I think I spent the amount he blessed me with today on a shopping spree. On animation and art books. Help I’m such a geek! I didn’t spend on clothes!! HAHA. Never mind, I shall look for cheap clothes in Melaka and Shang Hai. whee :)

I’m REALLY grateful for you loving me, and wanting me. Thank you :) I’m very loved and blessed. Hehe.

Of times of refreshing

Last week was a week of emotional struggles. Basically I was quite down and stressed.

But church was a mighty refresher and the worship songs reminded me not to rely on my own strength. Moreover, Matthew 11:28 was in my mind over and over again throughout the service.

I’m sorry. How could I forget that I’m not alone? How could I forget that I need not worry as You will provide?

*slaps herself silly*

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Of beauty within vs beauty without

Today’s Daily Bread struck me like a sword.

“ Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised. —Proverbs 31:30 ”

Man, I have been so focussed on my own beauty without, fussing over my fat butt and fat thighs, and at times neglecting the ugliness of my heart. And because of that, I’m still not a beautiful woman from within, one who fears God wholeheartedly. Augh.

Righteousness in the heart produces beauty in the character.

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Of what ifs

chris-be-thinkingI’ve had it with asking “what if”s anymore. He stopped me from doing so as well.

It’s true. I should stop. It belittles the path that God has brought us through. Things happened for a reason for Him to make us the person He wants us to be. By asking “what if”, you say that you’re better than God in choosing a route for yourself.

So don’t do that anymore. Period.

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