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Of a Boey Boey

So I went to the Singapore Toys, Games, and Comics Conventionwith Wee Pin again this year. Last year we went just to take a look as we chanced upon complimentary tickets. This year, we had a purpose. To meet Boey, the author of, and the lead animator of Diablo III.

He’s inspiring to me because he was a South East Asian in a big time role in a HUGE game made in the US. It gives people like me hope.

And he’s inspiring to my boyfriend because he’s a cockster, like my boyfriend. Haha.

Of some l4d2 fanart?

My left4Dead2 friends found an image of the special infected for Left4Dead, but it did not include the Spitter, charger and the jockey.

So they asked me to do a little fan art.. and.. here are the special infected, Joanified Part 1.

The Spitter is actually just a misunderstood bulimic High school girl.

And the jockey is just a big kid that wouldn’t grow up. Special cameo from Ellis!!

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Of E3 Reveal!!

Yay! Finally, the cinematic trailer for E3, for Assassin’s Creed III! Every year, the cinematic trailer for AC has never failed to impress me (and i’m sure tonnes of people worldwide) with its awesomeness, and this year it’s no different.

For me, it’s just extremely exciting because 2 years ago, while playing as Altair to escape the stresses of FYP, I’d dreamt of working on such a title. A triple A (AAA) game title. I dreamt, but I never thought I really could get there. Everyone joked, but I am actually here.

And to top it off, the Singapore team is working on the Naval combat of the game, which blew everyone away at the Sony Conference in E3 2012. So proud to be part of the team :)

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Of Assassin’s Creed Fangirling..

Today/Tonight, Ubisoft is going to make an announcement regarding Assassin’s Creed III. Probably a reveal of the new game’s features, the new assassin and the new location of the new game from the franchise.

In commemoration of that, I wanted to do some nail art for AC3. So I got myself online to see what other girls have done on their nails. To my dismay there weren’t many fangirls who played this game and do enough nail art to whet my nail art appetite. So I tried out my own design on my nails, and I’m pretty proud of what I have done! :)

Chose white blue and red because those are the colours of the new logo that is on Assassin’s Creed Website

What do you think?

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Of Steam discounts!


Hooray! AC:B and AC:R are on discount on steam! Buy ALL the titles!!!

No I’m not that mad. Haha.

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Of Assassin’s Creed Revelations.

Watch this awesome trailer. Ezio’s older now, but he’s still agile, and still looks awesome.

Did I mention that this cinematic cut scene is so awesome? It made me want to jump ship and send my reel to Davide over at Ubisoft. CAN U IMAGINE HOW COOL IT WOULD BE??

Ahem. The animation is super awesome. And the demo gameplay looked wayy more awesome. Can’t wait! :)

Of Assassin’s Creed 2

Finally took out the time after work to invest in playing this awesome game! Aisyah and Hafi have been raving about how great this game is, and given that I loved AC1, but was told that this game was an improvement, I decided to abandon playing AC1 and start on this immediately.

Good choice. It’s too awesome. Ezio is so much cooler and humane and.. I love his robes. The designs in AC1 was brilliant and gorgeous, especially the set. And this time round it’s the same, even better. Set in Italy, you can actually learn about the Florence Architecture.

Best of all, Da Vinci appears in this game too. Haha. Win.

Can’t wait to complete this one and then start on Brother hood and AC3 is coming out next year :D

It’s kinda cool to know someone who worked on this project too. Makes it closer to your heart hee.

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Of L4D and Raving Rabbids?!?

Took a nap in the afternoon and had a dream (day dream?). I dreamt that I was playing L4D2. But instead of shooting zombies, I was shooting Raving rabbids. (BWAHHHH!!!? *bang*) At one point I was talking to my team mate, and I realised that my team mate was a rabbid that was betraying his own kind. O_O And I woke up when one of the opposing rabbids came over, took my gun and shot the sky, with the “oops” look.

Then I realised, that I must stop watching rabbids youtubes, and stop hoping to play L4D2 again. Stop.

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Of hiatuses


Flashforward is taking a 3 month hiatus and only returning on 4 Mar 2010!!!!!!! WHYYYYY!!! WHY DO THEY WANT TO TORTURE ME LIKE THIS!

This means that for the most part of semester 2, I have little motivation to do any work without drama serials to keep me company. Japan better come up with good dramas in the meantime to keep me busy.

Or maybe… I shall just join the boys at the lan shops to play Left 4 Dead 2… I played that yesterday with my entire FYP group (we have 4 persons, just nice) and I thought it was enjoyable, though I didn’t really do much. Someone did mention that it’s an easy game though. I’m a noob. Haha.

I might get addicted.

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Of plants and zombies…

Hafi convinced me that Plants vs Zombies is a good game months ago, but I HAD to start it like in the midst of exams… but I’m glad that the zombies arrived. It was a good boost for the exams :D Especially after Jap 2 yesterday. :)

Sunflower! Sunflower! Om nom nom…

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