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Of “I’m here to take away your productivity”

I stumbled upon a website with the list of emoticons that gchat could offer. I shared it with Lix and we spent a good half hour experimenting.

It’s Friday.

Of the people in my life

I was just thinking about it, and I realise that my blog does not accurately portray who are the people I really talk to and who matter to me.

I think it’s because I chat with them on gchat every single day such that whatever jokes they say and whatever rubbish we talk about become commonplace and blog unworthy. And some things I blog about are the rare occurances of me speaking to a friend I hardly really chat with. (Except my boyfriend of course. You better not use this against me.)

Well so here’s a shout out to Lix, Yizhi, Kader and Honseng, the ones I chat to every single day and every conversation is unique and fun but sadly too long for blogspeak.

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Of lost and treasured friendships

What a strange month!

I’ve lost two friends whom I thought were good friends of mine. In each I had invested effort and time, when it seemed to break down.

But, the reasons for the final breakdown of friendship are different for either. And as such when I do a stock take on my friends, I would rather spend some effort on salvaging just that friend I treasure.

For the first person, there was a lack of maturity on the opposite party’s side. I had failed to inform this person of a certain event in my life and he takes it so personally that I didn’t tell him. My other friends, when I expected them to shun me upon telling them I will be leaving, they were all sincerely happy for me. Why couldn’t he be happy for me? Instead he chose to be upset, and give me this childish behaviour. after our first fallout, I’m not willing to waste my time and effort this time when there is no change at all.

The second friend of mine, his fallout with us is nothing short of just a terrible misunderstanding on our part, not knowing his true needs and how we could have helped him in his situation. This friend, I care for him more as it’s not a problem that he himself can get out of, but we have to stick with him through it all. Despite it all, I think we all love him dearly. pPosted on the move with my WhiteBerry/p

Of anime fangirling and a possibility of going broke in 1 day.


I’m going to the annual Anime Festival Asia (AFAX) this year. Virgin experience, and I’m not particularly very thrilled. Prob coz it’s not like my favourite “stars” or “anime” related things are coming down. Only just the experience of going with my class girls is the reason why I’m going.

The main draw why 11 girls are going is this: the butler cafe. In Japan, the Maid cafe is very popular, and there’s one in Singapore too. But this is for the girls. Boys serving us tea, and sweets, treating us like princesses for a day… Well… Honestly I’m not too thrilled because my boyfriend will prob do a better job. But let’s play Japanese for a day and experience this.

Atelier royale

Apparently there’s going to be a lot of merchandise there. That’s where my self-restraint will be tested. Good luck to me.

Of FYP goodness


Everyone’s FYP are taking good shape! It’s good to see that, really.

It’s kinda sad that most of the engineers are pretty much submitting their FYPs and here we are struggling, only barely halfway there.

But. But. We will prevail. Because, we are world-class animators!

And one day, I will work in Pixar! Hafi will be there as the story director! *dreams*

I will miss working with Hafi-luffy. *Sniffles*. We can so understand each other so well and work well together.

Of the best week for a long time


Just a summary of the best week I have had in the longest time!

Saturday: Ok so we argued, but it all ended up fine and dandy with Chih-yang helping us ease our dispute. And after 6 years, a decision was made that made us go one step towards a future together! Seriously if you asked me to marry you now, I’d say yes!! (If you had the money and a job. Haha)

Sunday: Oh man, where to start! My favourite boyband of all time? <3 <3 LIVE?! With one of my bestest pals in the world??? Gosh another dream come true. I'm such a fangirl!!

Monday: 6 years!!! Milestone marking! And to shop around with you, eating dinner with you.. Needless to say it’s blissful and I’m blessed :)

Tuesday: Ok the only :( of the week, when I find out that my HDD buangs. Yay. Can’t open it.

Wednseday: Party with the animators! Ok so I cheated for my social experiment by reminding Yifang about my birthday. Yifang is the birhtday party organiser so, I tell her = I tell the whole animation faculty. Barbecue with everyone is fun! Lifted my spirits again!

Thursday: I’m 23! I get to go home for once this week and have dinner with my whole family again (except the Sister-in-law). Odelia and Asher were extremely adorable and sweet, so yet again I was in bliss! Ended the day with seeing you, so it’s like the perfect birthday even though I had to do FYP in the day. Heh.

Friday: A day littered with you. Excellent end to the week! Plus I get to play L4D2 and let you laugh at my horrible gaming skills. Haha.

Thanks for all those who care! And now, almost nothing could faze me!

Of pond party with clothes

happy-chrisAfter hearing what Denise went through during her birthday last year, I decided to have a social experiment this year. I removed my birthday from my Facebook profile. I figured that those who really do care for me as a friend would remember my birthday despite it not being listed on my profile. I wanted to filter out who are my hi-bye friends and those whom are my closest and dearest true friends.

So indeed the results were predictable.

But I prefer it this way, rather than responding to birthday wishes from people I’m not close to, nor familiar with. It feels more sincere. :) Strange I’m not disappointed that my facebook wall isn’t spammed with birthday wishes. Years back when I craved attention and the desire to be popular, I would have been immensely disappointed.

I’m grateful for your well-wishes, lovelies! :)

Anyway. Today’s blog entry will be about the pond party that the year-4 animators threw on Wednesday.

Yi Fang, the knower of the stratosphere is the one to thank for organising this. We had a barbecue (it’s spelt with a C! Can’t stand how people always misspell it.) in the sunken plaza in ADM, and all the year 4 animators were invited. After all, it’s the last one-week break we will ever ever have. So this is our excuse for unwinding. Moreover, it was a chance for Yi Fang to throw a birthday party for Ming Wei and myself.

As usual, in a week where rain was scarce, it had to rain heavily just as the boys were setting up the fire. It’s like as if God is telling us to put out the fire, as it’s too damn hot already. So we had to move in nearer the shade. As there was almost 40 of us, we tried setting up a make shift table of a wooden plank on 3 display boxes. The professors walked by and Hafi and I were extremely afraid that we’d be told off for using the exhibition material for putting raw food! On hindsight, we could have said it’s an art project. Hah.

For food, there was a lot of good food, as Yif ordered chicken, fish, mushrooms, and even got bread and garlic spread! Ken, the chef, chopped up capsicums and put them on the portobellos, and they grilled it. Gosh it was like how nice? But there wasn’t enough to go around, so that was a bit sad :( There was awesome sweet and spicy dory, and garlic bread! Loads of marshmallows and satay! I felt a bit sick after the party. But oh well.

Generally the animators are really close. Atleast for our batch. The juniors kept coming up to us and lamenting that their batch would never do such a thing. I’m grateful that we are so close! I guess we bond in ways that go beyond animation. We appreciate each other for who we are. That’s why after 2 years in hall, I decided to pledge more time to ADM, and I do not regret this decision.

And as with birthday barbecues, there would be presents! They gave me a lovely Nike windbreaker in my favourite colour and an awesomely cute hat!

birthday-10-gift-011 birthday-10-gift-02

Yay! I am now. 23. Whee.

Thanks for the love you guys! Hope we’ll keep in contact in the future :)

Of pisceans birthdays

happy-chris Today was a nice day when I got to spend with the NJ gang :D Many a time I have mentioned that this group of friends are really important to me, and for us to still hang around together and celebrate each others’ birthdays, it is really really sweet and an amazing thing.

I think it’s because we don’t really have very common interests but we still love to stone and be with each other.

Anyway, I think we found something that we all enjoy doing today (I hope). Thanks to the two scorpios who organised for us pisceans. Haha. Sum was on time today, surprisingly. He usually will sms one of us at the time we are supposed to meet, telling us he just woke up. But today I think he was one of the first to arrive! We then went to play games at Settler’s Cafe (SMU) until 6.


We played Jungle Speed first, which was pretty chaotic. The first time I played with the cellmates, it took a while for us to get the hang of it, but the gang caught on the basics of the game really fast, so we had had a lot of fun even for just one round!

Then we went on to play saboteur. Needless to say, I was too obvious with my intention and immediately everyone realised that Sum and I were the saboteurs. The stunner was Jiacheng who appeared neutral until right at the end, and the great reveal showed his true nature. King of sly! Haha.

After that we played some funny dice game which took up the most time because none of us could win as we all played defensively. It was very brainless. All you had to do was roll 4 dice (for up to 4 tries), and the resulting dice had to fulfill some criterion in order to win tiles. For example, there was a tile for two pairs. So if you rolled two pairs, you get to win that particular tile. Other people might be able to steal your tile if they managed to get that criteria on their turn. The aim of the game was to win 3 tiles and maintain it for a round. None of us could do it, because Sum’s luck was damn good. He kept stealing Jiacheng’s tiles, and I kept getting straights (on my first try). Jiacheng won in the end because we gave up on the maintaining for a round. Haha. Each of us seemed to keep getting the same particular combinations for this game. JC kept getting Threes of a kind, PS kept getting the pairs, and Sum just kept stealing everyone’s tiles on the first try. It was brainless but tiring.

Finally we played Sitting Ducks. Took a little while to get used to it. But still. It was cute and simple.


After that, we headed down to Bugis for steamboat. It started to pour like mad, and only Sum and PS brought brollies, so the guys all had to share one umbrella. It looked really gay haha. Moreover, it didn’t really help, since they were all soaked to the bone once we reached the steamboat place. We were all sticky and gross by then and kinda sian. Nevertheless, the food was good! How can steamboat not be good? The crab was fantastic man. Sweet, juicy and very meaty~ Just a bit messy. And as usual, Weepin ordered a whole load of cholesterol. Prawns. It’s like his staple. I am actuallly really worried for him, with his unhealthy diet. I don’t know how I’m going to survive with him in the future. Goodness.

Our last stop for the day was Bras Basah’s Macs, where we played Monopoly Deal. My conclusion is that Jiacheng is damn sly, and cunning, but Weepin is the ultimate King of sly. Haha. Jiacheng will still share, but Weepin will outmaneuver Jiacheng still. Amazing. Haha. And there, we witnessed weepin’s terrible hearing, plus the effect of the prawns on him. “Three sets” became… Something else. Go figure! Haha!

All in all, I am happy. I think though, I still need to relac when it comes to playing games and stop taking things so seriously. Gak.

Love you all :D

Of Christmas Gatherings

Last week I watched Avatar with Kader and Hon Seng. Needless to say, it was an awesome show! The visuals were fantastic!!! And the story telling? WOW.

Enough said.

After that we went for Joel’s Photo exhibition at Old School, and sad to say it wasn’t a good thing that we went there after watching such an awesome show. Otherwise, we had good food there, and awesome drinks. :D I got tipsy after like 2 drinks. I’m horrible at holding my liquor.


Kader wanted to be a Na'vi...

Kader wanted to be a Na'vi...

After that, we (Lix, Yif, Qing Qing, Ken, Kader, Kim Siang and Yu Shi) went for supper. We chilled there for a while before Ken Kader, Yif and I went to play L4D2 till 1am :D

On Christmas day, Elise and Christina came over to Trinity@Paya Lebar for the Celebration service! I’m so glad they came, and enjoyed themselves :) We went for lunch with George before we chillaxed at Christina’s as it was her birthday. We didn’t really do much, just sat around and talked, and watched movies. Pretty much what we do all the time. Even though now we don’t have much to talk about as we are all damn different, but I think we put in a lot of effort to keep in touch and keep in tune with each other. Thank God for good friends like that.


Of being a softie.

I can’t stay angry at someone too long. But give it time. I forgive you. But let’s cool down, and then we’ll talk things over, and take our friendship from there again.

And, once again, I ripped this off Jasmine’s blog.


i wonder where she gets all her posts from. they’re pretty amazing

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