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Bryan passed me a book to help me make my career decisions better. The book suggests careers based on your personality type. It’s quite interesting. Thought I’d share my results. It’s good to have a Life Skills Coach for your brother-in-law (who’s in law. Haha. Bad joke. Moving on). Free coaching sessions over dinner.

You can take the MBTI test here.

Job Profiling

Myer-Briggs Type Indicator -
Strength of the preferences %
56 75 38 33

As an ESFP, career satisfaction means doing work that:
1. lets me learn from hands-on experience…
2. lets me get personally involved in the tasks at hand
3. lets me work with lots of other people in an active and social environment…
4. lets me juggle multiple projecs or activities, especially those that utilise my aesthetic taste and sense of design..
5. is done in a friendly environment without hidden politcal agendas…
6. rewards my hard word and good intentions…
7. lets me have fun..
9. …
10. …

Popular occupations:
(N.b. Just naming a few. the list is extremely long)
Pharmacy technician (Dear, I can help you haha)
Veterinarian (woots, I made a good ambition when I was young)
Cartoonist and animator (That’s me!)

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Of this weekend in pictures.


Tanjong Beach on Friday was DAMN empty. And it was so sunny, we both had to wear sunglasses. I came out with a nicer tan. I hope. haha. He became a tanner Tan.


Two posers. CMI.


It didn’t feel like Singapore at all. I felt like I was in the US or something. It felt like I was on a holiday with him. Very nice! Gosh. I really can’t imagine being unable to do this when I start working.. :(


The Lord blessed our family’s growth! Praise God and I’m blessed with such a wonderful family <3<3


And boys will be boys. Ethan is such a nice gor gor to allow Asher to take him down. Hahaha. So cute la. I hope my kids will turn out like them, cute, playful but guai. :)

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Of Christmas wishes

Christmas is coming… Thought I’d list down some things I hope to recieve from my family this year…..

- Sexy Headphones
- A handphone pouch
- Mom’s turkey
- a nice dress
- A hair cut and dye

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Of birthdays

Happy birthday Pa! (Yesterday 16/11/09)

Yesterday my father turned 68, at 68 BR, with his car license plate number 68-85.

It’s a luck fat year for him :)


Happy birthday to my bro-in-law, Bryan!

Today you turn 32. Good luck for your exams! I dun think you’ll read this but anyway. Happy birthday :) God bless.

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Of cousinly love

I’m aching all over today. Must be the running. Shiokness :)

Anyway I had a total nightmare last night and I ended up waking up at 7am. Stupid. I know it’s not real yet I got so affected. It seemed so real! I think I’m really scared it’ll come to pass and I’ll not know how to deal with it in real life. Bah.

Then I tried to study. Study FAIL. GAH. Nevermind. Then I went over to Ginny’s to hang out and chill and pray with her. I enjoyed myself. It was a good time to encourage each other and support each other in this time of turmoil for each other. I love her! *hugs* I’m so glad for her. Without her, I dun think I would have found my footing in my relationship with Christ again. I pray, Ginny, for your happiness! You deserve better. :)

I love my babes.

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Ginny, Liyan and I went blading at ECP today! Silly Ginny took forever to come la! WTH. Original plan was to meet at parkway parade at 11.30am, and she ended up pushing it back to 12 before arriving at 12.45! >p

BAh. Anyway! We had a good time blading at ECP the whole afternoon. Liyan was cycling with us but Ginny was like skating so fast we had a hard time keeping up with her! :( AND i fell down several times. Thrice. It was so bad I was bleeding all over my knees. Those who will see me in school tml will see it :(:(:( OUCHHHHHH Damn pain. Really. But aiyah now it’s better htankfully :)

But anyway the point is. Ginny was damn good on the blades. We were all damn shagged after the 2 1/2 hours (Only 2 1/2 hours and we died alr k! wtf!) but we felt so good after that hahha. Thank God for good weather.

And THEN we went shoppinG!!! :D:D we went to esprit and Liyan and I bought the same pair of shorts! :D She also got another pair of shorts. hur hur. MY COUSINS ARE A BAD INFLUENCE! THEY INDUCE ME TO SHOP FOR EXPENSIVE CLOTHES :(:(:(:(:(


But I still love them :) Love you guys. Esp when that thing came up and I got distracted. Well. Thanks :):)

Of Ginny growing older…

Happy birthday Ginny! I still owe u a birthday present :)

Today marked the second Ng-cousins gathering for the longest time. Ginny, Liyan and I were expected guests, but Hong Liang came as well! surprise surprise! Turns out his wife was in KL so he was free to join us :P But still! Honestly I was never close to him, but it was nice to see him come and meet us! Uncreative me decided to go to Holland Village Crystal Jade for luncheon, but thankfully everyone was happy. It was a pity that everyone was so full and couldn’t really eat much, so I stuffed myself with the food. haha.

Thanks Ah Liang for coming! And paying for the meal! :)

After that we went to Dempsey Hill for Tea. It was sooooo nice! It’s like a mini town of… Australia.. or NZ.. Or UK.. Watever, right in singapore! Didn’t feel like I was in Singapore at all (Save for the scorching sun)…. So we went to Dome to have more food (gasp). We ordered the fried foods platter, not expecting it to be so humungous. needless to say I’m so stuffed now I dun feel like eating for the next few days.

the only consolation was that I ran my 5km today so.. Thank Goodness or i’ll be round already.

for logging purpose: today 5km – 34:01 mins. yay.

Of exercise plans!!

Every Monday and Thurs: 199 routes run with ADM folks!

Tml: Blading with Ginny at East Coast Park!! :D

I need to exercise. Had an ice cream at Nic’s place today :S oops!

Upcoming: Nike Human Race 10km and Great Eastern Run 5km.
I felt miserable about missing the Safra run. but I’ll gambatte and work for the upcoming Races! Glad i have a running buddy in Jasmine and Lix! :D

Of many thanks

(In no order of merit)
To Mommy, Papa, Jie, Ginny, Nicole, Jasmine, Team Christopher, Lix and Yif, thank you guys. And not forgetting, Thank you Jesus.

Of cousins

Too much seafood last night with the cousins’ outing at Kuishinbo. Too much crabs.

But it was good.

Thanks Hongyi!!

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