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Of the beginning of planning!

It has begun, the official planning for the Big Day! It’s terribly frightening yet exciting at the same time. There’s a lot to be done in the meantime before we say the “I Do”s, and I sure hope I don’t become a bridezilla!

I hope I’m not pressurizing Dada either :) Excitinnngggg

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Of terrible internet connectivity

Here I am, at home, using my awesome new Samsung s3 to publish this post. Why? Because we just changed our internet service to the optic fibre.

But the thing is, somehow my room cannot get the connection at all!!!

Get optic fibre internet they said. It will be high speed internet like never before they said.

Yea. Internet like NEVER.

Btw this phone is awesome. But almost immediately I got an sms which implied I was a kidnapper. I wonder who the joker previously owned this number that I am temporarily using until they port Iverson my number from M1…


Of picking up the pieces of my life

God, what are the three most important things in my life that you want me to surrender to you?

That was the question that Pastor Goetz told us to ask ourselves this Sunday. The most important things in our lives are the things that we obviously cant live without. These are the hardest things to surrender to God. That is because, surrendering to God means that those things that you hold dearest to you are not yours, but Gods, and if he were to take them away from you suddenly, He could, and there is nothing that you can do about it.

Absolutely nothing.

2 years ago, I understood what that meant, when I lost you. Thats when I realized you were so important to me That I really could not do without you. For the first time in my life I actually felt so lot and helpless. I knew I had taken you for granted and thats why you parted. Only when I surrendered the relationship to God, could I find peace amidst the loss. Only when I surrendered it to God did I learn to treasure you more, at the same time, because I know now we live on borrowed time, and our relationship is meant to honor God, as He is the one who granted us the chance to be together like this now.

That was one thing that I had to surrender to God.

The other, I thought and prayed there at my seat in the sanctuary, was my family.

When was the last time, I thought, that I actually told my parents and showed them that I love them? Ive been pretty disobedient, by not sleeping early and coming home late. Time and time again I tell myself that needs to be changed. But when I do, I run straight to my room, and I shut myself onto the computer. BAD GIRL.

But today, I unwittingly did something different. I was tired from kickboxing and stayed downstairs rather than climb the stairs to my room. Odelia came over and wanted to play with me, and this time I made it an effort to really try to connect with her, even teaching her sudoku. I enjoyed it thoroughly! I missed her growing up, and I need to make up for the lost time. These 3 weeks, I told myself, I really have to babysit her and spend more time with her. Shes so near me everyday, and yet, I dont really know my own niece. Horrible, arent i!

And becausei was downstairs, I ate my supper while chatting with mom. I spent a good couple hours just having a heart to heart talk. Im a really horrible horrible daughter, that I should delight and blog about it, when it should really be a normal, everyday thing. I took for granted her presence everyday, and I worry her every night by coming home so late. I really shouldnt.

I feel so blessed to have my parents and my family with me. It really is so hard to surrender this blessing to God. I really dont know what I would do without them. I would feel so much remorse for not treasuring the time I have with them.

Whats the third thing?

My talents, I would suppose. Without the chance and ability to showcase my talent, I would feel so empty, and purposeless. My one pride is my multiple talents, and if God we to take them away from me, I would feel insecure and lousy. Wouldnt you?

But I still think that its easier to surrender that, than my family, or you. And I really really want to make my limited time count, by spending more time with my loved ones that God has blessed me with.

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Of Tangled up again!

Watching Tangled and being enthralled by the Disney magic once again only goes to show how great this film is. I just love it!! The music, the acting, the beauty of the sceneries…

And as we watched, Odelia reacted marvelously to the film! She laughed when the horse Maximus and the Chameleon Pascal fulfilled the roles of the funny sidekicks, quivered and squealed when evil loomed, smiled and delightfully be awed at the beautiful princess…. Watching her made me so inspired and proud to be part of the industry that make many other children of her age believe in a world of fairy tales, and to teach them of good and evil.. The innocent delight and entertainment is something that i hope to instill, and to make characters that they believe are real.

Sigh. I’m so happy and proud to be an animator! I want to achieve that kind of animation some day… I have a dream…

Of birthday weeks

Last week was a week of birthdays, starting with Weepin’s on Sunday.

I surprised him on Friday by bringing him a self-baked cake. I really wanted to do something special for him this year’s birthday. For the past 6 years, the only times we had celebrated his birthday was prob in our first year. All the rest we were either arguing and not talking, or we had broken up. And it were all my fault because I was young, immature and very petty.

This year was to be different! I wanted to make it up to him, and because he deserves so much better. Unfortunately, Money wasn’t in my favour this year, so I had to do something else. Been thinking about it all year and I decided that baking a cake would be nice. I am very bad with secrets because I hate bottling things up, so I ALMOST leaked to him the surprise. Thankfully, he hadn’t a clue and was pleasantly surprised. I am sooo happy that I managed to cheer him up too! Mostly probably because he was studying so hard for his exams that he didn’t notice the signs. But good la! Something to take off his mind from exams and just be happy since it’s his special day, ya?


Well that wasn’t the day itself. Does that count as myself being the first to wish him happy birthday?

Well anyway, I think he had fun with all his friends in pharmacy wishing him happy birthday in the PS room on the day of his birthday :) I wasn’t there but I’m so glad to know that he has such good friends who make him feel special too :D

And on the day itself, we went out for pancakes, and then went for the BMW show in the Marina Bay Sands resort. It was quite a rainy day and almost ruined the plans but we did enjoy the time we had together. It is quite difficult to spend time together nowadays, as he is so busy studying for his exams and I only have the nights to be free on weekdays. Nonetheless, we had a great time just being with each other, and not caring about everything else, doing things that we like.

On Wednesday, my family celebrated my father’s and Bryan’s (my bro in law) birthday. Our families went to the revolving restaurant at Prima Tower. It was quite an experience! This was my first time at a revolving restaurant. The floor moved very minimally but you could see it move. The view is really really nice, as it is located near the port, so you could see the containers being transported. There was a really beautiful view of Sentosa, Mount Faber and the cbd and what have you. The food left much to be desired, but the view, and the experience was something novel. Thank God for my mom for being so resourceful in finding the offer that the restaurant had. Haha.

Happy birthday to My cousin as well. Yay. and that concludes the birthdays that were within the past week.

Good night.

Of my parent

Dad smses: Good 4 u (sic)

Mom smses: Coming home for dinner? From mom.

I just think the way my parents sms is so cute! Haha! Mom’s so polite and Pa is to the point. :p

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Of lanterns and the moon

Last night was mooncake festival. A festival that I remember from my childhood days as an enjoyable one, going to the park and playing with fire, literally. I loved the sparklers and all too… So I hoped to use this opportunity to make it up with the kids. I’m not a very good aunt, always never really taking care or playing with them.

Weepin came over to play with the kids too. I find it funny how I’m the aunty, but he’s the gor gor. Sobs. Then again I’m jie jie to his nephew and niece too. Anyway, the kids love him, and that’s a good sign. Haha.

Anyway, we had fun playing with the sparklers.. The kids were absolutely thrilled. Nothing beats seeing children enjoying themselves. It’s very “aww” inducing. Haha. I really should be more of an aunt to them.

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Of testing wordpress app after NDP

Well hello folks. I am testing out my new Blackberry Bold (2)’s wordpress app just to fool around. Why is it called the Blackberry Bold with the parentheses, I have no idea. Same goes for my alma mater Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary). Oh well.

Any way. So NDP wasn’t particularly spectacular… Spent most of the parade in my brother’s house playing with Eunice’s white dog which adds character to the extremely white living room. It was more entertaining until the fireworks. Too bad the view was partially obscured. But who doesn’t love fireworks?

Of the holidays

The holidays is always a chance for anyone to catch up on things they have been putting aside for many many weeks/months/years.

For one, I met up with my BFFs Elise and Christina. You know, sometimes I still can’t believe our friendship has lasted this long, since we were little kids in Primary 4, we’ve come a long way, though we still are pretty much the same (looks wise and the do-re-mi height or Christina’s curfew..) We had a good time playing games at the Hangout. Elise is really good at the games. She’s really competitive, but that makes it fun! Man I want to try more games. Let’s go back there again~

Another one is to watch Glee, House and Flashforward. It’s been eons since I watched Flashforward. When they returned to air, it was in the midst of the rushing period, so I didn’t watch much. Nor House, which I’m waiting to have the time to watch with Weepin. Glee, was something I have been putting away to watch for the longest time. I didn’t dare start in the midst of FYP, because I have a tendency of drama-marathoning. I was glad I didn’t start either, as I feel the series is so good! The music and dancing and their voices are fantastic. Totally reminded me of acappella days, when we used our voices to make the music we loved, singing and practising like our lives depended on it. Sue’s great. I love this show. Makes me feel very.. gay. In the good way.

That’s how Hsu, sees it!

Flashforward isn’t the best of all dramas, I know. But I just wish to see this through. I wonder if there will be a second season. I doubt it, really. It’s not as good as the other dramas which have better character development and better scripts. It’s really a pity, because I think the premise of the story had such potential, but the script did not do justice to the show.

There’s a clarification I have to make. All of these shows, I watch them on my computer. I haven’t watched the television much since my sister moved it, except at Weepin’s. This isn’t a surprise since all we ever watch on TV is Disney or Nickelodean Kids or CNA. This is what happens when your father or niece/nephew hijacks and hogs the telly. I had no idea what channel numbers my ex-favourite programes are on now, and didn’t even know we had Animax until today. I just sat on the armchair and channel flipped for the first time in a while. I felt like the last time I really sat down to watch the one eyed monster was in secondary school when I was still watching Gensomaden Saiyuki or CSI on AXN.

The last thing which I had been putting aside to do since I stayed in hall was to pack up this room. I moved in to my brother’s room when I was Year 2 I think. I was still staying in hall, so I didn’t have the full force of my belongings in one location. After coming back, it’s a necessary to move all of my brother’s junk out of this place. He’s got his own house now so he has no excuse for leaving them in my room. MY ROOM IS NOT A DUMPING GROUND FOR UNWANTED THINGS IN THIS BL**DY HOUSE. I’ve really had it with being chucked aside. I’m making this place liveable.

Ok. Back to packing. Bye.

Of the best week for a long time


Just a summary of the best week I have had in the longest time!

Saturday: Ok so we argued, but it all ended up fine and dandy with Chih-yang helping us ease our dispute. And after 6 years, a decision was made that made us go one step towards a future together! Seriously if you asked me to marry you now, I’d say yes!! (If you had the money and a job. Haha)

Sunday: Oh man, where to start! My favourite boyband of all time? <3 <3 LIVE?! With one of my bestest pals in the world??? Gosh another dream come true. I'm such a fangirl!!

Monday: 6 years!!! Milestone marking! And to shop around with you, eating dinner with you.. Needless to say it’s blissful and I’m blessed :)

Tuesday: Ok the only :( of the week, when I find out that my HDD buangs. Yay. Can’t open it.

Wednseday: Party with the animators! Ok so I cheated for my social experiment by reminding Yifang about my birthday. Yifang is the birhtday party organiser so, I tell her = I tell the whole animation faculty. Barbecue with everyone is fun! Lifted my spirits again!

Thursday: I’m 23! I get to go home for once this week and have dinner with my whole family again (except the Sister-in-law). Odelia and Asher were extremely adorable and sweet, so yet again I was in bliss! Ended the day with seeing you, so it’s like the perfect birthday even though I had to do FYP in the day. Heh.

Friday: A day littered with you. Excellent end to the week! Plus I get to play L4D2 and let you laugh at my horrible gaming skills. Haha.

Thanks for all those who care! And now, almost nothing could faze me!