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Of some l4d2 fanart?

My left4Dead2 friends found an image of the special infected for Left4Dead, but it did not include the Spitter, charger and the jockey.

So they asked me to do a little fan art.. and.. here are the special infected, Joanified Part 1.

The Spitter is actually just a misunderstood bulimic High school girl.

And the jockey is just a big kid that wouldn’t grow up. Special cameo from Ellis!!

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Of Avenger nails!~

I got REALLY bored at home this weekend so I decided to do some nailart.

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Of Penguin <3

Really happy how my penguin for daily drawings turned out. Okay, so he isn’t a real penguin.. He’s still cute, right?

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Of Assassin’s Creed Fangirling..

Today/Tonight, Ubisoft is going to make an announcement regarding Assassin’s Creed III. Probably a reveal of the new game’s features, the new assassin and the new location of the new game from the franchise.

In commemoration of that, I wanted to do some nail art for AC3. So I got myself online to see what other girls have done on their nails. To my dismay there weren’t many fangirls who played this game and do enough nail art to whet my nail art appetite. So I tried out my own design on my nails, and I’m pretty proud of what I have done! :)

Chose white blue and red because those are the colours of the new logo that is on Assassin’s Creed Website

What do you think?

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Of drawings.. and sketching..

High time I started sketching again :)

Watch this space

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Of some old drawings..

Of a tangled obsession

New bb theme!! :D Tangled!!! In my favourite colour ever, everything blue in my bb is now purple: the cursor, the highlights and the icons! Also, there’s this nice fade in fade out effect when I change from one screen to another, though now it looks like it’s lagging. Haha.

And when the “wait” cursor comes up, it’s Pascal pumping his fist in his palm…. Super cute! :D super likes.

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Of scary otakus and chio models

Cosplayers, blah butlers, scary crossdressers, cosplayers with no figure, expensive but very pretty toys, scary number of otakus, and one Kaname.

That pretty much summed up the AFAX. The main draw of it all? Bitching about the negative and squealing over the positive with a groups of similarly dressed 9 female (and one male) ADM classmates.

Let’s start with the bummers.

Aisyah and the others were going on and on about the butler cafe. Oh they are cute. In photos. In real life, we all were a rather disappointed by the quality of their attitudes and looks. Moreover the entrance fee was at least $18! You HAD to buy either cake or a set meal. Exhorbitant for rather untrained boys, I think. So in the end we didn’t go in.

Cosplayers were expected to make their appearances at such events, so it was no wonder they were rampant. Some looked good, but most of them were wannabes. They were either fat, have no figure, don’t have the face, or just couldn’t fit in the character they were portraying. The worst were the otaku men dressing in.. Dresses. Like. What. The. Hell. My eyes needed a serious detox.

Other than that, there were some really pretty good ones, and those that gain A for effort. To top it off, we saw Kaname, the celebrity cosplayer from Japan. He really was like a real life anime character. Very cute, small, and with attitude. He carried it off so well, that we were so put off by the locals. Haha. Lucky dude gets to travel the world and get to play numerous characters. And get paid. What a cool job.

I think the best part of the AFAX was the showcase of toys. But of course it wasn’t like the best collection, it was very good. There were really well made models of One Piece, Death note, Black rock shooter and many more. it really opened my eyes to the beautiful workmanship of these crazy Japanese. They are so beautiful! The craft, the poses, the colours…. So gorgeous. Very very expensive though. Couldn’t afford a couple from gintama. I did buy the nendoroid from deathnote. I saw a really cute one of L but that wasn’t on sale. So I did practise some self restraint. Haha.

Right, Joan.

It was fun. We spent the next two hours just discussing anime, life in general, and catching up. It was tiring and extremely enjoyable, I’m glad I didn’t bail out at the last minute as I wasn’t expecting much. It turned out better.

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Of the barn


So cute~ I love the sheep.

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Of taking it to another level.

chris-be-thinkingAnother 5 weeks left to my University life. Looking back, what can I say that I took from NTU?

I always told my mom I feel very intellectually not challenged at all. The only subjects that made me feel my $6k education was worth it were Asian Art History, Survey of New Media, Survey of Modern Art, Introduction to 2D animation and the Character Animation classes.


Because the teachers provided much guidance and inspiration.

In AAH, we may complain because there’s just so much reading and so much to study, but I felt that in those classes I learnt how to critique my presentations and think like a historian, and appreciate art in a way that I didn’t get to before these classes. In Mod Art, Cleo made the subject alive and intellectually challenging due to the motives of the artists. In New Media, Scott challenged us to think about the direction of where Art is heading, with new technology. In the studios I mentioned, the teachers actually gave precise critiques that help us improve our animation by teaching the rationale behind the techniques.

Ultimately, I hate to say it, but I feel like our school is flawed in many ways especially in the curriculum. There’s a lacking in the theory and academics that bolster our BFA. To me, I’m not Fine Arts driven. But I feel that I do not deserve my BFA title with my current training. I feel that all that we have done in our modules were merely half-baked.

As I told Kim Siang Oppa and Vincent (van) Goh during dinner, I feel that our school should not teach so much the technical skills, but more of the theory and concept. Technical skills are important, but I feel that without guidance, it is more difficult to learn the theory and basics of animation, in order to further the future of animation. Also, many of our studio core subjects overlap. For example, Animation Seminar was just FYP squeezed into 1 module. Further 2D animation did not touch on any more 2D techniques.

We need modules like Experimental Animation techniques. Philosophy of Animation. Psychology of animation.

Which is why Mom told me to change the curriculum if i ever can.

I waved her aside thinking her to be a bit ambitious, but I now realise she does have a point. If I feel so strongly that the curriculum could benefit future students if better organised, why not?

I’m glad she gave me that idea, as she ignited in me a desire to further my studies in not just character animation, but also in animation theory. I think that ultimately, it’s important that animation students know the history of film and animation, in order to go further and experimental.

What about you? What do you think ADM is lacking?