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Of Bunnies, Candy and Rock n Roll


Hop was nice! In a brainless kind of way! If you liked Alvin and the Chipmunks you’ll like this. Even u didn’t, well, maybe you won’t like the idea of CG Rabbits haha. But I must say this time round they integrated the rabbit quite nicely.

E.B. is really really cute. Furry and fluffy and CUTE. I want a talking rabbit that poops jellybeans.

The music, was AWESOME. They had Dynamite, The Anthem by Good Charlotte and a really awesome remix of I want Candy. Explains the website

My only peeve was that I think the movie theatre didn’t screen it at the right aspect ratio or dimensions! Their ears and their heads kept getting cut off. unless the movie director screwed up really bad, I almost wanted to kick someone at the Cathay. I felt very uncomfortable not being able to see it all, so I don’t care, when the DVD comes out I’m getting it. So that I can see E.B’s cute fluffy yet solid ears being animated.

I want candy!

Of noble animators…

Big names on movie posters are usually that of voice actors, but we see the art of the invisible actors: the animators.

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Of needingtimeandspacetoblogandwatchshowsanddocommentaries…

I find myself increasingly pressed for time to blog nowadays. The fact that most of my recent blog entries come from myself typing as I go to work makes me wonder what the hell am I doing nowadays.

The blogging bug that bit me since I was in Sec 2… Has it finally decided to stop leeching off me?

Well, I really do want to make my blog a more informative one rather a rant as much as possible. But for organisational purposes, all informative ones regarding animation, will be posted on my main page at

Anyway, I really do miss watching all my dramas and anime. Now I’m currently watching Bakuman, Grandchild of Nurarihyon and Fairy Tail. I think these are very good anime at the moment. I will not go into too much detail right now but it reignited the love for anime in me. There was a period where I stopped watching anime and just dove head-in into Jdrama. Now, it’s back to the complete opposite. I haven’t had time to go chase Oguri Shun, Matsumoto Jun, Ayase Haruka and the likes for the moment for my dear animated friends. And I’m not sorry.

But I think I will take time to go back to dramas. I need to get away from augmented reality to observe real human faces and actions on screen for research. :) I’m going to start on production on Dream Defenders real soon so I need all the resources I need for the betterment of my portfolio. Gambatte!

Oh and by the way! Dream Defenders was in the news on 27 Dec. Which was damn long ago. HA. Well yes.

Of Tangled up again!

Watching Tangled and being enthralled by the Disney magic once again only goes to show how great this film is. I just love it!! The music, the acting, the beauty of the sceneries…

And as we watched, Odelia reacted marvelously to the film! She laughed when the horse Maximus and the Chameleon Pascal fulfilled the roles of the funny sidekicks, quivered and squealed when evil loomed, smiled and delightfully be awed at the beautiful princess…. Watching her made me so inspired and proud to be part of the industry that make many other children of her age believe in a world of fairy tales, and to teach them of good and evil.. The innocent delight and entertainment is something that i hope to instill, and to make characters that they believe are real.

Sigh. I’m so happy and proud to be an animator! I want to achieve that kind of animation some day… I have a dream…

Of scary otakus and chio models

Cosplayers, blah butlers, scary crossdressers, cosplayers with no figure, expensive but very pretty toys, scary number of otakus, and one Kaname.

That pretty much summed up the AFAX. The main draw of it all? Bitching about the negative and squealing over the positive with a groups of similarly dressed 9 female (and one male) ADM classmates.

Let’s start with the bummers.

Aisyah and the others were going on and on about the butler cafe. Oh they are cute. In photos. In real life, we all were a rather disappointed by the quality of their attitudes and looks. Moreover the entrance fee was at least $18! You HAD to buy either cake or a set meal. Exhorbitant for rather untrained boys, I think. So in the end we didn’t go in.

Cosplayers were expected to make their appearances at such events, so it was no wonder they were rampant. Some looked good, but most of them were wannabes. They were either fat, have no figure, don’t have the face, or just couldn’t fit in the character they were portraying. The worst were the otaku men dressing in.. Dresses. Like. What. The. Hell. My eyes needed a serious detox.

Other than that, there were some really pretty good ones, and those that gain A for effort. To top it off, we saw Kaname, the celebrity cosplayer from Japan. He really was like a real life anime character. Very cute, small, and with attitude. He carried it off so well, that we were so put off by the locals. Haha. Lucky dude gets to travel the world and get to play numerous characters. And get paid. What a cool job.

I think the best part of the AFAX was the showcase of toys. But of course it wasn’t like the best collection, it was very good. There were really well made models of One Piece, Death note, Black rock shooter and many more. it really opened my eyes to the beautiful workmanship of these crazy Japanese. They are so beautiful! The craft, the poses, the colours…. So gorgeous. Very very expensive though. Couldn’t afford a couple from gintama. I did buy the nendoroid from deathnote. I saw a really cute one of L but that wasn’t on sale. So I did practise some self restraint. Haha.

Right, Joan.

It was fun. We spent the next two hours just discussing anime, life in general, and catching up. It was tiring and extremely enjoyable, I’m glad I didn’t bail out at the last minute as I wasn’t expecting much. It turned out better.

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Of anime fangirling and a possibility of going broke in 1 day.


I’m going to the annual Anime Festival Asia (AFAX) this year. Virgin experience, and I’m not particularly very thrilled. Prob coz it’s not like my favourite “stars” or “anime” related things are coming down. Only just the experience of going with my class girls is the reason why I’m going.

The main draw why 11 girls are going is this: the butler cafe. In Japan, the Maid cafe is very popular, and there’s one in Singapore too. But this is for the girls. Boys serving us tea, and sweets, treating us like princesses for a day… Well… Honestly I’m not too thrilled because my boyfriend will prob do a better job. But let’s play Japanese for a day and experience this.

Atelier royale

Apparently there’s going to be a lot of merchandise there. That’s where my self-restraint will be tested. Good luck to me.

Of getting Tangled

Tangled, the next Disney film on the Princess series, is a take on Rapunzel. They took liberties to mess up with the original story obviously. But in any case, look! Even though it’s 3d, it’s so PRETTY!!!!! I love the colours of the scenery, esp the forest! It’s just a joyous green! Ahhh I can’t wait for it to open :D:D And Finally! A good looking “Prince” after Prince Eric!!!! Disney can’t get their men right. HAHA.

This one reminds me of the Remy trailer for Ratatouille:

Andddd the directors are CUTE woots! I think Flynn (the hero) is modeled after Byron Howards!

Remember Nick Pitera? The dude who gave you… This:

Well, turns out that he’s a graduate from RINGLING with a BFA in Animation! AND! HE’S IN PIXARRRRRRRR!!!! His thesis work! Shit this guy is awesome. What am I doing?!?

Of very pretty stop motion

I miss doing stop motion with Hafi!

Stop motion can achieve a very gorgeous look even if it isn’t 3D just by very carefully done animation and a set that is simply beautiful. Of course lighting is very important too. It’s an art of film, animation, sculpture and photography all in one.

The Eagleman Stag – Trailer from Michael Please on Vimeo.

Of the Zzz force

Check it out! Tiny Island’s Zzz Force opening sequence! Pretty neat huh? can’t wait to be involved in the project!!!