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Of a new motivation

It’s been a while since I put up a post. Lots of things happened.

I went through a quarter life crisis, wrestled with God over my future, quit Ubisoft, joined Singapore Poly, stopped watching anime, stopped reading manga, started reading proper English novels again, started watching Netflix, bought a new PS4 to play Just Dance, and horrors of horrors, started playing Candy crush.

For so long I have been telling myself I need to do some work I need to have some output, but I always start a new animation and never finish it.

Now I decided need to quit the lifestyle of absorbing and learning and put it to use. I’m going to start on 1 year journey to produce 1 animation a week. short ones. They need not be long. It’s just a challenge I want to tell myself to keep in the game. It’s just 1 a week!

I will start this week and I’m going to start small. Nothing ambitious, but I hope I can sustain this. I am blogging this in a hope to revive my motivation and keep myself accountable. Accountable to no one, but myself.

Watch this space this weekend. I will keep it to updates on Sunday Evenings as much as possible. Cheers!

Of Ben 10: Shots

Worked on the animation of all characters except:
Time 01:28-01:46 – Additional animation on Ben only.

All images copyright of Cartoon Network.

Of a Boey Boey

So I went to the Singapore Toys, Games, and Comics Conventionwith Wee Pin again this year. Last year we went just to take a look as we chanced upon complimentary tickets. This year, we had a purpose. To meet Boey, the author of, and the lead animator of Diablo III.

He’s inspiring to me because he was a South East Asian in a big time role in a HUGE game made in the US. It gives people like me hope.

And he’s inspiring to my boyfriend because he’s a cockster, like my boyfriend. Haha.

Of a stunning discovery

Davide just shocked me by revealing details of my Introduction to 3D final assignment to my colleagues, details I chose to forget because I thought it was a really really stupid assignment that I completed. Honestly I didn’t remember anything much of the short.

But he remembered the entire thing.

It was frigging 5 years ago! D: Davide, Y U have such a good memory?!!!

Of Animation tricks

Of telling a good story

Of Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens

Link Here~

For a good 6 months of my time in Tiny Island Productions Pte. Ltd, I’ve seen too much of it in its raw format and finally, a week after my birthday, I will be able to see it completed!

Of piggies

Of Assassin’s Creed Revelations.

Watch this awesome trailer. Ezio’s older now, but he’s still agile, and still looks awesome.

Did I mention that this cinematic cut scene is so awesome? It made me want to jump ship and send my reel to Davide over at Ubisoft. CAN U IMAGINE HOW COOL IT WOULD BE??

Ahem. The animation is super awesome. And the demo gameplay looked wayy more awesome. Can’t wait! :)

Of a tangled obsession

New bb theme!! :D Tangled!!! In my favourite colour ever, everything blue in my bb is now purple: the cursor, the highlights and the icons! Also, there’s this nice fade in fade out effect when I change from one screen to another, though now it looks like it’s lagging. Haha.

And when the “wait” cursor comes up, it’s Pascal pumping his fist in his palm…. Super cute! :D super likes.

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