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Of A tisket A tasket

RGS choir performed last night at the Esplanade with their performance Limelight 2011. By some stroke of luck (or God’s planning) I discovered their performance on sistic and got Kelly, Chee and myself tickets to nostalgia.

But nostalgia was not what I found. Actually, nostalgia is dangerous; it traps you and removes the focus on the performance. So I tried to push it aside. And boy I’m glad I did just that. The girls were absolutely captivating from song one.

The student conductor wowed me with her confidence and the moment the choir opened their mouths, I half expected them to screech at some point. But no! Their high notes were hit with such ease and power, the dynamics were flawless, and the canon, though a little messy, was harmonious. I was in awe.

And when Ms Loo took over, there was no doubt how they got their Gold with Honours this year. They were simply magnificent. I have not heard a choir this good since.. I don’t know? Perhaps AC choir at my time. I tried to find a flaw to justify that my batch was better, but Ms Loo simply had outdone herself this time. She maintained the sound of RGS, and better. They sounded nice and bright, not too young and not too old, yet mature; they were brimming with confidence, the tone was perfect, and they sounded together with no split notes. The layering was great, the expressions of the music and the emotions you get from it was captivating. you know how sometimes when someone hits the note wrong or something cringeworthy happens? I did not get it at all, surprisingly. My hair did not stand at all, which is a good thing by the way.

The second half failed to excite me though. Our tradition of sectional items and acappella groups, and one final fun medley item gave way to acappella groups and yearly items. They weren’t executed as well, but since when have our acappella groups really shone? They sound good as a choir but individually they lacked a power solo.

That aside, I’m proud of them! They sang beautifully, and I can see why RGS choir girls are sought after in JCs. The sound they produce is beautiful. I can only wish and hope we really sounded like that in our time.

Really proud of Ms Loo! She even was surprised we came. She called us ancient seniors who she did not expect! T.T Her daughter, whom we adored when she was 5 is now in the choir! That long ago! In fact Ms Loo remembered our name tag colour and squealed that the Secondary 4s have the same colour already! 8 years! Hell it doesn’t feel that long. She also didn’t look like she aged.

It was a fun night. Too bad there weren’t a singing of the school song nor an encore prepared. :) I miss singing with RG choir, and VIP.

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Of school to work transition

School does not teach you all that you need for the working world. This applies to both the hard skills and the soft skills.

Hard skills are the things that are related to your field. As an animator, I was inadequate for any position, even as junior animator, for most companies. I attribute it to the “holistic” learning adopted by my school. Without a doubt, I learnt a lot – art history and other parts of the pipeline, and strangely, business law as well as the mechanics of cyber security. It makes me a smarter person, and yes it built the foundation of my animation skills, but there wasn’t enough time to hone it till I am a skilful one.

Only did I come to tiny island did I learn the proper way of being an animator. I do not shun the usefulness of art history or animation history. These were good in helping me learn faster because I understood the aesthetics, but in Tiny, I learnt the mechanics. This is called, On The Job Training.

This is something which I believe applies not just to my field but to many others, like engineering and medical fields also. A friend in the engineering sector mentioned that in university they only learn the theory, b ut when it came to employment, they showed him a jet and expected him to fix it, when that was his first time seeing such a contraption in real life! He felt that the other technicians had way better experience than he. But he learnt and excelled at what he did, of course.

Theory vs practical. Both are important to be a better professional.

But when it comes to soft skills, which are people skills, critical thinking, organisational skills… These are critical in making it in the real world. A friend didn’t get a job because she wasn’t a team player, and people who can’t get along in offices are sure to get ostracised. Teachers have to deal with kids who don’t fit into stereotypes, and they have to adapt to the changing generations.

Soft skills can’t be taught. But have to be honed. How? What did I have that the other friend didn’t? And what do others have that I don’t? For myself, for this part I’m grateful for the experience in JCRC and my prior work at Prudential. I struggled at Prudential because it was my first job, and it required skills of me that I didn’t have at that point of time. So it forced me out of my comfort zone to acquire those skills. At one point in my JCRC life, I remember Yu Xin (then president) telling me to be less afraid of talking to new people and said that leadership requires us to know the people. Even Wee Pin encouraged me to try different ways in making friends. After so much talking, I didn’t consciously try, but I observed people more and slowly I gained the confidence to be more approachable. At Tiny at least I can talk to most people and I clicked well with everyone very early on.

What we need to be is teachable, because we aren’t perfect, because we arre still young and energetic, making mistakes in our lives. I was glad school let me make all the mistakes I could so that I won’t repeat them out here.

What we are building are careers, not merely a job for ourselves. Career encompasses so much more than just knowing our specialised fields, but our understanding of the environment and adapting to it. Work hard! Learn aggressively!

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Of congratulations long overdue

Congrats to all my friends who convocated with me!! :)

Thanks dear for coming down that day!! :D I think we didn’t take enough fotos together :((((

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Of FYP Grad Show


Check out our FYP animation trailers on the ADM Grad Show Website

It will be a proud moment for all of us in the graduating batch of 2010, a defining moment which speaks of our sweat and tears of the past four years. Finally, after all these years of toiling, we will be able to have something big to show to the world of our talents. We are a large community in our cohort of ADMers, and we will sing out loud and proud that we are animators.

After the first screening which we had in June 2010, there was a writeup on AnimationXpress which made a lot of us very proud of what we have done. You can read the write up here. It was mayhem, but nothing can really explain the joy of seeing your work on the big screen. One step at a time, our names will be written in bigger films. With the talent of our batch, I do not think that it is a very difficult ambition.

To the batch of animators ’06, you guys are awesome. I do hope to work with you all again someday :)

Of 4 years of life-long lessons.

So many things I want to thank the Lord for, where on earth to start?

First and foremost, I want to thank God for my dearest boyfriend, who through these 4 years of university life, bore all my nonsense, growing up phases, workaholic tendencies and deadline stresses, emotions, hall crap and insecurities. He has given me someone I could trust and depend on to cheer me up, find myself, and learn about people. *hugs*

Next, I want to thank God for granting me my BFA in Animation. This was not an easy road. Much of my blog entries for the past years epitomised my struggles in finding myself, my talents, and my confidence. Four years ago, I was an innocent and naive Science student plunging herself into this new course called Animation to challenge herself to do something different. Not knowing what I really wanted from this course, I sort of just went through the system as how our Singaporean education system expects us to. So I just trudged along, until I woke up my idea along the way, through the interactions of the many friends I made here (whom I am extremely blessed to be in the same batch with), realising what I was good at and what I wanted to be. Not only that, there were a lot of struggles that I faced, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. So I really am glad that by His grace, I managed to survive these 4 years.

I need to thank the Lord for also granting me my second upper, finally. Since year 1, my GPA had never gone above 4. In fact, it still isn’t. But the Lord has answered my prayers, so specifically. I asked for my second upper, and He granted it, with a final GPA of 4.00 – the minimum mark. I probably don’t deserve it, but now, I am eligible to apply for my Masters programme overseas. PTL!

I thank God for my family… My family, I definitely need to thank them, especially my brother. He was the one who encouraged me to study something that was more my cup of tea, something that I enjoyed doing, ie design or animation. My mom, my inspiration, who helped me findd out about this programme. My dad, who constantly encouraged and supported my cause despite him hating animation to the core. My sis, who constantly badgered my parents to let me be at times when I needed them to leave me be.

There’s just so much more that I can give thanks for. His love is really so abundant. Keep your feet on the rock, your eyes on the cross, and love Him dearly.

Of post-fyp goodness

Wow. It’s been more than a week since FYP was submitted and I’m still playing!! :)

After we submitted (at officially 11pm), a bunch of us still stayed behind to play Left 4 Dead 2 on the $10k computers. Otherwise, there was a private screening of everyone’s submitted films. Davier played each film on his computer, and everyone just crowded round. At the end of each film, everyone was a chorus of “WHOAAAAAAA!!!!” and then there would be applause. It was fun! We did that until about 5 am, when I KOed.

All my submissions were only over on Friday, and that’s when I was the happiest. My school life in NTU was over!! OVER! Immediately, I just played and played on the computers as much as I could. Relishing the last days in Uncommon Lab! There wasn’t going to be much of a chance for me to go back to play on such powerful computers for free anymore, nor have my friends around me so often.

I will miss my workstation so much! I miss it already. I miss the random times we all gathered to play soccer. I miss the times when we asked around if anyone wanted to have a teabreak. I miss the times when we all said “I’m hungry!” and then take 2 hours to decide where to go for lunch or dinner. I miss the times when we tease each other about finishing our fyps already when someone randomly watches a short animation from youtube. I miss the times Lix and I scream we want each other’s PDA.

After Friday, I WENT HOME! Glorioius glorious time :) Of course I popped by to visit my dearest who was still studying for his papers. I didn’t want to be too much of a distraction to him though so I went back. AHHH glorious bed. I missed you.

And then I went out with Nicole, whom I hadn’t seen in weeks!! I missed her terribly. I felt like I missed out on her life when I went into hibernation with FYP. :( Boy was I glad to see her. And I made appointments with my other girl friends too, so I’ll be seeing them loads. Good. I’m happy :)

And on Tuesday, Hafi and I went to the Pixar Exhibition. It was $21, and I thought that it was terribly expensive. But it was sooooo inspiring and informative and awesome, that I thought it was worth every cent. LOVED IT. Hafi loved the macquettes of course. It’s her niche. For me, I loveeeed the concept art and the story boards. It made me feel that I had a future. I was insecure about my drawings and ideas, but when I saw their works, it made me think, hey, they started off like that too, and I could possibly be like them, working for John Lasseter! But seriously. The artwork was so mindblowing. I saw them in the Art of (Insert Movie Title here) books, but nothing beat seeing the originals. We were enjoying ourselves so thoroughly that we had gotten so hungry after it all. We had been there for more than 3 hours. Fantastic. I would really love to go back again.

Please go and see. And you will realise how much work goes behind one 1 1/2 hour animated film. My word. All the work. SO BEAUTIFUL.

Then I watched Iron Man with Wee Pin, and we shifted back from hall (in one car, both of us. Amazingly, thanks to Wee Pin’s wonderful packing skills :) ) and then we went to kill more zombies with Sum and JC.

And it’s only been 3 days! Woots. A good holiday awaits!

Of… uh. That’s it??

Well. I have completed 16 years worth of classes.

The real learning begins today!!!!!

That’s what all those “You’ll never stop learning” campaigns would say. Well, It was an anti-climactic end to the day. I skipped my last class.

Oops. Haha. It was worth it. I spent the time playing peggle doing my fyp so that was good. Rather than wasting my time waiting for my consultation time with a teacher whose language I don’t speak. His name is Ouchul, nationality Korean, language Ouchul.

Please don’t get me wrong. Koreans are fine. Just that he’s too deep an artist for me. Don’t think I’ll get to his level. Interesting, but I can’t catch up T_T

So what happens from here onwards… I’m excited to know. :)

Girl, please. You annoy me. Don’t try to boast about being able to do so much (and so well) when it’s clear to see that you are inefficient and full of puff. Best. Show off to the ones who are better at the trade (not myself) and boast about how well you did it. It puts off a lot of people. Please wake up your idea. OMG.



Abandoned kittens found in our school. Super kawaii!! *edit* My bad. The kittens still need a home. So if you are interested, PLEASE LET ME KNOW *edit*

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Of “You’re from ADM??”s

Scenario 1.
Y*: You were from NJ?
Me: Yea
Y: So smart. Which sec sch?
Me: RG
Y: Wah Lao. SMART ASS. Don’t want to talk to you le.
MX: But she’s from ADM…
Y: Oh! Hello *reaches out hand* my name is Y**.
Me: ….

Scenario 2.
D: Hey, ask your bf if he knows anyone from medicine. I need some help regarding the interview for entering med sch.
Me: You say as if I don’t know friends in med sch.
D: Oh. Sorry. How come you know friends in med sch?
Me: Eh. My sec school friends… Half of them are in med sch? I’m like from RG?
D: OH YA. Sorry I kinda forgot, since you’re from ADM…..
Me: ….

Warning: Possible elitism rants.

What’s the point of my 4As and 7points if my degree seems to discredit whatever I have achieved so far? And possibly from the fact that I can’t graduate with second upper…

Sigh. Sorry. I seem to make everyone think that I’m not THAT smart. BAH. Thanks for taking me seriously folks.

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Of room renders


Because I’m bored, I decided to put up some lighting homework here. First one was done with photons. The second was done purely with spotlights and one directional light.