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Of dying to run.. and Liverpool

Nike human race training: 7km 56’08″

OMG how are we going to watch Liverpool in the coming year? or how about my NADAL! OMG. I”m going to die. kill me now. STUPID SINGTEL!

Of my trip to seeing Agger and Torres and Alonso and Carragher in action….

I am realy really happy. I got to see Agger start and play more than 50 mins of action today :D and I got a lot of photos, albeit really lousy photos! I still got to see him today and he really is really really tall.. I wish I got to see him up closer, like IN JP! RARRRH.

Nvm. He played really well today! :D

And I got to see Torres!!!!! YAYY Hotness! and Riera! and Alonso! And Carragher, Benayoun and Babel! Awesome players in Singapore… It’s so surreal! I felt like I was in TV Land or sth. It didn’t seem real. I felt like I was watching some huge PLasma TV or sth! It was a great experience! the pitch looks smaller than on tv, and the players look bigger on the pitch. although we sounded so quiet in the stadium, the tv made it sound like we were making a rucus! but towards the end it was a lot noisier than on tv of course. HAHA

Weepin and I were enjoying ourselves so much. Of course we sort of deserved it… We did like go REALLY early to get good seats. I was kiasu and told him i wanted to go at 3, but we decided to drink a bit of coffee after shopping for my jersey. Thanks for the Jersey!! :D But omg. for the good seats we suffered almost 2 hours of the blistering sun! ZZZZZ

but oh well.. I got to see a good show. It was fun. The guy behind was also very entertaining. At times when Torres was out, he was like more concerned for Torres’s welfare than the performance of the players… when a lion tackled torres, the guy behind was going “OH Be careful, Torres! don’t Get injured!” “Oh no Are you ok Torres!” haha. It was funny.

The whole stadium was obviously Liverpool supporters. They jeered at the poor lions, and cheered whenever Liverpool scored, or was fouled against. Hahaha. It was quite sad. I feel sad for the lions. We were not very patriotic after all.. :(

It was fun to sing the songs and get so excited over the players… It really felt surreal. At the end of it, 5-0 was the score. We were really glad to see Torres and Riera score, and dirk kuyt putting up a good show, and Agger doing so well at defense. I really am glad I paid for the tickets. they were worth it, and we were really happy :) Thanks for sharing this moment with me. Thanks :D:D:D:D:D

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Of Agg… i mean… liverpool in singapore

Yayyyyyy Liverpool is on their way to Singapore very very very very very very ……… Soon!

and among the team that’s currently in Thailand is……..


and Alonso! but no Gerrard :(:(

Oh man I was so excited When I saw that Agger was in the traveling team! I was practically jumping in my seat! haha

oh dear. Absolute fangirling.

Agger :D

Too bad Agger didn’t play in last night’s match against West Ham ( Which Liverpool won YAY) but here’s more fangirling and collections of photos that I sourced online. THere are so FEW!!! *sobs*

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Yes yes, I love agger :D <3

Of course WEepin would beg to differ. My obsession with him has caused him to have a certain prejudice against the liverpool player. But the critics seem to enjoy watching Agger play. I just love it. HAHA. Newcastle let Agger run and take a shot on goal. That caused the commentator to say that Newcastle didn’t seem to watch any Liverpool videos. Hur hur

Agger~ <3<3


awwww so nice in a formal suit!

[caption id="attachment_88" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="stretch! "]stre tch! [/caption]

ain’t he the cutest! I’m so glad that he would most likely be staying in Liverpool^__^ I hope that liverpool will come to Singapore and I will SO buy tickets to go! :D

Lazy and Soccer

Gehh. Liverpool lost at home to Chelsea. Can’t believe it. I confess I nearly fell asleep because I was so tired. And it wasn’t a good match. Sigh. I dunno what else is there to say. Everyone’s in bad moods, and I’m still sleepy. Grrrr.

And i found out that Arts pple have 36 Unrestricted electives (UEs)! WHATTTTT that’s like 12 free and easy courses that they can take!!! GRRRRRR spoiled for choice. Lucky pple. :( I only have 9. And I planned to use them all for Jap. And that means I can only take until Jap Lvl 3, which is still not good enough to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) if I want to go to Japan. :( Booooooohoo.

Oh sigh. I dun feel like going for Davide’s class tonite. Can I call in sick! Gah.