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Of Ben 10: Shots

Worked on the animation of all characters except:
Time 01:28-01:46 – Additional animation on Ben only.

All images copyright of Cartoon Network.

Of… ouch.

That workout I posted doesn’t look like it’s enough to kill. It didn’t of course. It’s relatively doable. Not as tough as the Infantry workout. But the effects were only felt after 18 hours when I found out my triceps went into spasms after pushing open the studio door….. and after 24 hours, the sides of whatever pectoral muscles I have refuse to let me raise my arms.

Now I discovered that when I sneeze, I engage all of these muscles.

Of a workout


I must try these workouts! I want nice slender arms, not these thick ones I got from attacking tennis balls. Yes I do the Insanity Workout but I’m on a break now because I fell sick. Haha.

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Of a Boey Boey

So I went to the Singapore Toys, Games, and Comics Conventionwith Wee Pin again this year. Last year we went just to take a look as we chanced upon complimentary tickets. This year, we had a purpose. To meet Boey, the author of, and the lead animator of Diablo III.

He’s inspiring to me because he was a South East Asian in a big time role in a HUGE game made in the US. It gives people like me hope.

And he’s inspiring to my boyfriend because he’s a cockster, like my boyfriend. Haha.

Of a stunning discovery

Davide just shocked me by revealing details of my Introduction to 3D final assignment to my colleagues, details I chose to forget because I thought it was a really really stupid assignment that I completed. Honestly I didn’t remember anything much of the short.

But he remembered the entire thing.

It was frigging 5 years ago! D: Davide, Y U have such a good memory?!!!

Of a new logo for Joananimates!

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Of MRT rage 1


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Of people watching

Explaining how easy it is to draw girls to my boyfriend…

Step 1: draw side profile of yourself.
Step 2: allow him to scribble as well.
Step 3: mistake his scribbles as demon horns on your profile.
Step 4: awkwardly realise he was trying to draw cat ears….

Step 5: draw in whiskers.


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Of My Dream Job

Yes, sometimes I look at my work and I think I’m the luckiest girl alive. To be working on a game that I myself am a fan of, (It’s f**king Assassin’s Creed 3) and being surrounded by talented, creative and fun colleagues. I still think I’m in a dream.

My awesome colleagues and the wonderful animation team.

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Of terrible internet connectivity

Here I am, at home, using my awesome new Samsung s3 to publish this post. Why? Because we just changed our internet service to the optic fibre.

But the thing is, somehow my room cannot get the connection at all!!!

Get optic fibre internet they said. It will be high speed internet like never before they said.

Yea. Internet like NEVER.

Btw this phone is awesome. But almost immediately I got an sms which implied I was a kidnapper. I wonder who the joker previously owned this number that I am temporarily using until they port Iverson my number from M1…